The memoirs of Ashley, the daughter of the American president, detours and shameful behavior

Leaked excerpts from the memoirs of Ashley, the daughter of US President Joe Biden, about some of her father’s behavior with her and some of what was mentioned in her memoir privatehave aroused great reactions and widespread controversy on the sites of social network and on media international newspapers, especially the American one, according to many media international.

THE media they pointed out that Biden was not only criticized for inappropriate behavior, but also described the act as child molestation. For his part, Fox News TV presenter Tucker Carlson attacked the President of the United States after he was mentioned in the memoirs, where Carlson described Biden’s behavior as outrageous. Carslon commented: “Imagine that you are the father of daughters. Ask yourself: is there an explanation for such behavior that could justify it? There is no such explanation. This is an aberration, it is terrible. Ashley Biden does not remember how many. years had was in that moment, when she was taking a bath with her father, however, was clearly old enough to remember. “

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Many Twitter pioneers criticized Biden’s behavior based on her daughter’s memoirs and some considered it “sexual harassment”. On the other hand, i media claimed that the FBI arrested a woman and sent her back to an investigation after she leaked Ashley’s diary.