The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept aims to override Tesla while pouring resources into electric vehicles

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This is not the first time we have heard of the mysterious Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX prototype, but on On Thursday, the German luxury brand decided to advertise the car up also more. While the biggest piece of today of news surrounds the company’s intention to go all electric by the end of this decade (where markets allow), the brand has said it will show off the Vision EQXX prototype next year.

This is the big time for Mercedes. The company promises guidance range of over 600 miles on one charge while maintaining the size of the battery pack like his for a compact car. At the same time, the engineers are working for reduce power consumption from the battery to bring kilowatts hours used for 62 miles down to single digits. A big range is great efficiency would be tremendous package, that is for sure.

For help the brand achieves its goals, the company has recruited engineers from its own Formula 1 powertrain division. These brains work on Internal combustion engines of F1 cars, but also on hybrid systems the race Automobiles use to complete the engines. Of course, enough brains power want help unlock everything Mercedes wants to achieve with this electric car.

His clear the EQS sedan it’s just the turning point for the EV. of the brand performance and luxury goals. And the EQS is pretty damn impressive, so the Vision EQXX could be a sight to behold. It looks pretty damn sexy even from the dark, dark teaser image attached. However, there isn’t guarantee the concept car directly previews new production car. The brand said it all of the magic of engineering set for the electric car could potentially make it way to society new EV architectures in arrival in this decade: one for passengers vehicles; one for Mercedes-AMG a build crazy electric vehicles; is one for commercial vans and the like.

“All the lessons learned out of This vehicle enter ours series Automobiles. This is our intent here, ”Mercedes-Benz said during today’s presentation.

If you needed more proof that the electric vehicle revolution has arrived, look no further. Hopefully the auto AMG electric cars still have the same panache as their gas forebears.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept aims to override Tesla while pouring resources into electric vehicles

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