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The Minister of Foreign Affairs delivers the Kingdom speech at the opening session of the Arab League Council

On behalf of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God protect him – His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, delivered the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the opening session of the the meeting of the Council of the League of Arab States at the top level in the 31st ordinary session, Here is the text:

At the outset, we are pleased to offer our congratulations to Your Excellency, the Government and the fraternal people of Algeria in occasion of the (68th) anniversary of the Algerian liberation revolution, wishing your Excellency continued health and progress and prosperity for your country.

We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Your Excellency, the Government and the Algerian people, for the warm welcome and generous hospitality we have received.

We also thank the Republic of Tunisia, led by His Excellency President Kais Saied, for their efforts to make the work of the previous summit a success.

Thanks go to His Excellency the Secretary General of the League of Arab States and to all his employees for their valuable efforts which contribute to the strengthening of joint Arab action.

Brothers present

Subsequent global crises have produced common challenges that have impacted the security and stability of our Arab region and have undermined the pace of its economic recovery and development opportunities for its citizens. The recent intensification of international geopolitical competition and conflict threatens to undermine the ability of the international community to effectively address its common challenges. All this requires us to intensify coordination and consultation within the Arab House, to renounce our internal differences and to prioritize our common interests, emphasizing the unity of the ranks and destiny; To be in able to cope with current crises e future and overcome them. In this context, and to support the achievement of the goals of joint Arab action, it is important to take practical and tangible measures to enable this, the most important of which is to work on the reform of the Arab League system and the development of its mechanisms of action. to be more effective in realizing the desired Arab solidarity and the aspirations of the Arab peoples.

Many of our Arab countries face various challenges that cast a shadow not only on the security and stability of those countries, but also on the region and the region as a whole, in order to spare our countries the dangers and disturbances that these challenges pose. may involve. Hence, we emphasize the importance of continuous coordination between our Arab countries to strengthen our national and regional security, and while we renew our total rejection and rejection of the expansion and hegemony approach at the expense of others, we affirm the openness of our countries to cooperation and dialogue with all on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and common interests, which helps to consolidate the foundations of Cooperation and partnership to achieve security and prosperity for our countries and our peoples, and we affirm here the our pride in our values ​​derived from our tolerant Islamic law and our authentic Arab culture, which we will not give up and will not allow others to impose their values ​​on us, and because we respect the values ​​and cultures of others, we hope that others respect That .

The repercussions of international crises and conflicts have shown the importance of economic integration between our Arab countries and that we in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always strive to provide the appropriate conditions to achieve this through cooperation and coordination with our brothers in the Arab countries, and one of our priorities in this is to achieve food security, which is one of the most important priorities for many countries in the world, and in in this context, the Kingdom emphasizes the importance of collective Arab action and investment in the potential of the Arabian Ocean in terms of natural resources, human resources and biological and food diversity, in meeting the needs of the Arab food markets. Furthermore, based on our Vision 2030, we seek to promote development in various fields, in collaboration with our brothers in Arab countries, in a way that contributes to addressing the challenges and crises that directly affect the Arab citizen, to advance our present and improve hope for a better future for our peoples and generations future.

Honorable participants

The Palestinian question will always remain at the center of the concerns of our Arab nation, until the Palestinian people achieve the establishment of their independent and sovereign state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. in compliance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Initiative of pace Arab. The Kingdom also welcomes the results of the meetings adopted by Algeria as part of the reconciliation efforts between the Palestinian factions and hopes that these efforts will lead to the unity of the Palestinian ranks.

On the Yemeni question, the Kingdom continues to support efforts to achieve the pace in Yemen and made every effort to support the UN envoy in his proposal to extend the armistice there, and as evidenced by the Houthi militia’s rejection of the UN envoy’s proposal to extend the armistice, emphasize the the importance of continuing political pressure from the international community and addressing it more seriously and firmly; To reach a pace sustainability in Yemen, which is based on the three references represented by the Gulf Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, the results of the Comprehensive Yemeni National Dialogue and the relevant Security Council Resolutions, including the Security Council Resolution (2216). We also stress the importance of providing the necessary support to the Yemeni Presidential Governing Council, as well as our concern for the humanitarian situation in Yemen by providing humanitarian, relief and development support to the Republic of Yemen.

In the Libyan question, the Kingdom believes that the settlement of the dispute between the brothers in Libya derives from the Libyan interior, and away from external interference, through the renunciation of violence, and the activation of all possible paths of dialogue, until the desired security and stability is achieved.

On the Iraqi question, the Kingdom welcomes the formation of the new Iraqi government, and wishes it success and success in fulfilling the aspirations of the brotherly Iraqi people.The Kingdom claims to continue to provide all support to the Republic of Iraq in order to achieve security, stability and development and also stresses the continuation of deepening cooperation and partnership between our two countries in various fields. .

Regarding Lebanon, the Kingdom emphasizes the centrality of Lebanon’s sovereignty, security and stability and looks forward to electing a new President of the Republic of Lebanon who can unite the Lebanese people and collaborate with regional and international actors to overcome the current crisis, implement the provisions of relevant international resolutions, including those issued by the Security Council, and the League of Arab States, and the commitment to the Taif Agreement.

As for the situation in Syria, the Kingdom affirms its enthusiasm for Syria’s security and stability and supports all Arab and international efforts aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, in so as to preserve Syria’s identity, unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

On the Sudanese question, the Kingdom supports everything that could achieve security and stability in Sudan and contribute to the recovery of its economy and the prosperity of its people. As part of its membership in the Quartet and the Friends of Sudan Group, and its support for the international role, the Kingdom seeks to intensify international efforts aimed at reaching consensus among the political components, leading to a global political solution. He also pays great attention to the humanitarian dimension by standing alongside his brotherly Sudan.

In conclusion, we hope that the results of our meeting today will help build consensus on the crucial issues that concern the countries and peoples of our Arab world by highlighting the active role of Arab solidarity at the regional and international level and by finding mechanisms through which we can address the common challenges facing our Arab countries and strengthen regional security and stability, including by realizing the aspirations and hopes of our Arab peoples.

We ask Almighty God to direct our steps and help us all achieve what our countries and peoples aspire to and to perpetuate the blessing of security, security, prosperity and prosperity for our Arab countries.


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