The Minister of Human Resources issues 6 decisions to locate new professions and activities in Saudi Arabia

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, Ing. Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, has issued 6 decisions to locate a number of professions and activities, in collaboration with supervisory authorities.

According to a statement from the ministry, today, Wednesday, the decisions included the location of: “licensed aeronautical professions”, “optics professions”, “periodic inspection activities”, “postal service points and parcel transport” and “professions of customer service – “and outlets in 7 economic activities ” in various regions of the Kingdom, raising the level of their participation in the labor market, and enhancing their contribution to the economic system.

The ministry said these decisions help provide more than 33,000 job opportunities.

The decision to locate the “licensed aviation professions” will be implemented in two phases, the first phase starting from 23/08/1444 AH corresponding to 15/03/2023, and includes the professions: (co-pilot, flight controller and air carrier) 100%, and the profession (air transport pilot) . 60%) and a profession (flight attendant 50%).

The second phase starts from 23/08/1445 AH corresponding to 04/03/2024, and includes the professions: (Air transport pilot with 70% and flight hostess of 60%).

This decision applies to all private sector establishments employing 5 or more employees in the specified aviation professions.

Workers in the professions concerned must obtain professional accreditation from the General Civil Aviation Authority, as this decision will provide more than 4,000 jobs for citizens.

The decisions included the decision to locate 50% “optical professions” as of 08/26/1444 AH corresponding to 03/18/2023 in all private sector establishments operating in the Saudi market employing (4) or more workers and include the professions: (medical optics technician and physical – light and optic laboratory technician and optical technician) and workers in local professions must obtain the professional accreditation by the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties; And that the minimum wage to calculate emiratization in targeted professions is 5,500 riyals. This decision will provide more than 1,000 job opportunities in this sector in various regions of the Kingdom.

The decisions also included the location of the “service points in the periodic technical inspection of vehicles”, in two phases, the first phase at 50%, and the second phase at 100%, where the most important localized professions will be: (site manager, deputy director, quality manager, financial supervisor and site supervisor). , a Path Leader, an Inspection Engineer, an Inspection Engineer, a Maintenance Engineer, an Information Engineer and a Data Entry Engineer), to provide over 5,000 job opportunities for citizens. Implementation of the decision begins 12 months after the date of its issue.

The decisions also included the location of “points of sale providing services for postal and parcel transport activities”, which includes 14 sub-activities of mail and parcel transport activities, starting from 23/05/1444 AH corresponding to 17/12 / 2022 AD. 60% for first-level senior management posts and 70% for second-level senior management posts. This decision will provide more than 7,000 job opportunities in this sector in various regions of the Kingdom. This is according to the terms specified in the procedural guide.

Among the decisions was the decision to locate 100% of the “customer service professions” for establishments that provide customer service as their primary or support business, or to outsource this service to another entity to serve their customers through media, including leadership and supervisory positions, as of 5/23/1444 AH corresponding to 12/17/2022 CE, and this decision will provide more than 4,000 job opportunities.

The decisions also included the location of the “points of sale.” in 7 economic activities “with 70% of the total of port workers. The decision of Emiratisation includes the points of sale in the following activities:” Points of sale of safety equipment “,” Points of sale of lifts, stairs and belts “,” Points of sale of artificial grass and swimming pools “,” Points of sale of equipment for water purification and navigation devices “and” Points of sale of equipment for catering and electric vehicles “, as well as” points of sale of compressed air weapons, articles for hunting and travel ”and“ sales outlets for packaging equipment and tools ”. The most important professions in these businesses will be (branch manager, supervisor, cashier, accountant and customer service) and will create more than 12,000 jobs. The decision enters in effective after 12 months from the date of its issue.

Along with the decisions, the Ministry has issued procedural guides to inform employers and establishments and learn about the resettlement calculation mechanism and penalties for offenders.

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