The mistakes of the Pharaohs, the genius and the experience of the goalkeeper lead France to the final of the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo: The Egyptian team has lost a good chance to reach the final of the men’s handball competition at the Olympic Games in corso (Tokyo 2020) and lost to his French counterpart 23/27 today, Thursday, in the semi-finals of the competition. The French team qualified for the final, in which on Saturday they will meet the winner of the other match of the semifinal between Spain and Denmark today. Thus, the French team will compete in the final match of the Olympics for the fourth consecutive Olympics, where in she previously won gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and 2012 in London, while she finished second and won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. On the other hand, the Egyptian team (grandchildren of the Pharaohs) still has a chance to win the first Olympic medal in its history when they play the match for third place for the bronze medal on Saturday. Today the Pharaohs participated in the Olympics for the first time in their history. The two teams presented an even performance from the first minute of the match, and if the Egyptian team was unlucky in more than a ball, Yahya Al-Daraa and Ali Zain, and the French defense tightened control over Egyptian circuit player Hashem Mamdouh, just as French goalkeeper Vincent Gérard excelled at tackling many balls. Despite the clear progress of the Pharaohs at the start of the time, this time ended in a 13-13 draw. In the second half, the Egyptian team lost more than one chance and the French goalkeeper continued his brilliance, while the Pharaohs blamed a lack of concentration in finishing a series of attacks, which gave the French the opportunity to advance. and close the meeting in their favor. The two teams started the match with a strong and fast performance, but the Egyptian team were the most focused on putting an end to their attacks, which helped them advance 5-1 in the first seven minutes, after the French team he missed more than one occasion due to running at times, and Egyptian goalkeeper Karim Hindawi (Katonga) starred. The French team scored their second goal in the match in the eighth minute through a penalty shot to start getting back in the score until he turned in his favor halfway through this time, but player Ali Zain’s shell in the 21st minute he returned the result to a 9/9 draw and gave the Egyptian team confidence to advance again 10/9 with a goal for his leader Ahmed Al-Ahmar in the next minute. The performance came as a controversy between the two teams in the following minutes, but the crossbar and the brilliance of French goalkeeper Vincent Gerard prevented more than once the widening of the difference in favor of the Egyptian team until the first half came. concluded in a 13-13 draw thanks to winger Omar Al-Wakil’s first goal in the last minute of this half and Gerard’s splendid response to Ali Zain’s Another shell at the last second. The two teams started the second half strong, but the Egyptian attack collided with the French defensive agglomeration and the stops were repeated until Ahmed Hisham (Dodo) scored the team’s first goal in this time to the third minute. Then the French advanced by two goals until the Pharaohs equalized 17/17 in the 11th minute thanks to two consecutive goals by Yahya Khaled from a penalty and by winger Omar Al-Wakeel, then the result and performance returned to quarrel between the two teams. The Egyptian team did not take advantage of their numerical superiority at half time after excluding one of the defenders of the French team, to widen the difference to three goals at half time, in amid a lack of focus on ending the Egyptian attacks. Over time, the French team widened the difference, especially with the continued brilliance of Gerard, who responded to about 17 or 18 decisive shots in the match, and the mistakes of the Pharaohs and their lack of concentration in ending player attacks. , so that the French ended the game in their favor, 27/23.

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