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The Modern Warfare delivery comes to CoD Mobile as a Season 2 map


Call of Duty Mobile is getting another classic card from the Modern Warfare series, while Shipment is on the way to becoming a handheld shooter.

With the end of the first revised season of CoD Mobile, the second season developed into one of the largest ever. Typically, these monthly updates result in a significant loss of content in the FPS experience, and this time it is no different.

We have already been looped in two New Guns that come to CoD Mobile, along with a ported card from 2019 Modern Warfare. Now another familiar battlefield is added as the shipment arrives in the near future.

While Original leaks unveiled the mobile map in July 2020, the Modern Warfare classic finally has a solid release window in Season 2.

Whether you’re a newbie to the franchise or a seasoned gamer, you’ve probably already uploaded a game to Shipment. After it was first released in Modern Warfare in 2007, it quickly became one of the most popular titles, eventually leading to a remake in the 2019 game of the same name.

It’s one of the smallest designs in franchise history as players appear just seconds apart. The layout is easy to understand, with essentially no height. You’re in and out of combat within seconds, and games usually end faster than usual.

The original version of Shipment was set in a gloomy mountain setting, while the 2019 remake was relocated to a more industrial setting. CoD Mobile’s port is based on the newer iteration and reflects the lighter graphics and multi-colored shipping containers.

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Since this is one of the smallest cards available, there is a possibility that Shipment will stick to smaller game modes in CoD Mobile. If the 2019 remake proved anything, players love big team fights on the classic map. Be prepared for absolute chaos when full squads can fall together into this mobile port.


The shipping version of CoD Mobile is from the 2019 remake in Modern Warfare.

However, an exact release date has not yet been set in stone. With tons of content on the horizon for season two, chances are most of it will fall on day one. However, the dispatch could always be kept for an update in the off-season.

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Season 1 is put to the end on Wednesday March 10th. So it won’t be long before we see the shipping in CoD Mobile.

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