The mood of the Egyptians is in danger.

The head of the coffee department at the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, Hassan Faouzi, said that coffee supplies are in short supply, and this is the result of frosts in Brazil, which destroyed more than 25% of the crop.

He added: “The real crisis right now is that our coffee stocks are declining and they are declining due to the fact that there is no quick import measure”, continuing: “We are importing from Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Lebanon, India and Ethiopia, from where we import the vast majority of coffee, in addition to other countries such as Peru and Guatemala.”

Fawzi continued, “The main reason for the lack of coffee supplies is that there are very few cycles now and global traffic,” noting that there are no local alternatives because coffee needs high temperature and humidity, adding that “the solution is that we want to speed things up a bit.” A measure of the purchase of currency, because these goods are coming out, there are goods that we have that want to leave the port in order to control the current market shortage.”

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.