The Moroccan national team arrives in his country after being blocked in Guinea

Different media locals reported that the Moroccan national football team has returned safely from the Guinean capital, Conkari, which is witnessing a military coup and the chaos between the announcement of the arrest of President Alpha Condé and the “dissolution” of the institutions by the officers of the special forces.

The Moroccan national team was scheduled to meet their Guinean counterpart in the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup on Monday, but the match has been postponed, according to the International Federation (FIFA) announced Sunday evening, “to ensure the safety of all players and to protect everyone. match officials “.

Mohamed Maqrouf of the Moroccan Football Association said that the members of the national team “got on the plane and were headed in Morocco “, having previously reported that the players” are safe and are currently in a hotel away from tensions “, revealing that the federation is” working to evacuate the team yesterday, Sunday “. There is a plane waiting for him at the airport”.

Heavy gunshots were heard in downtown Conakry on Sunday and special forces officers announced the arrest of President Conde and control of the capital, as well as the “dissolution” of state institutions. in a coup that could mean the end of the role of an increasingly isolated African political veteran.

Special forces officers also imposed a curfew in across the country “until further notice” and replaced the governors of the regions with military personnel.

Guinea, which is one of the poorest countries in the world despite having large mineral resources, has long suffered from political instability.

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