The Most Efficient Methods to Earn XP Quickly in Modern Warfare 3

Earn XP Fast in Modern Warfare 3 with These Strategies

Leveling up and progressing through the various weapon unlocks in Modern Warfare 3 is essential for any player. However, earning XP can sometimes be slow and challenging, especially when tackling complex challenges and objectives. But fear not, as we have gathered the fastest ways to earn XP in MW3, so you can unlock powerful armory and level up in no time.

Complete Weekly Challenges

One of the quickest ways to earn XP in MW3 is by completing the weekly challenges. These challenges offer a hefty 10,000 XP reward, making it a great way to farm XP and level up fast. Additionally, completing daily challenges can also net you 2,500 XP, so be sure to keep an eye on these objectives as well.

Kill Zombies in Zombies Mode

For those who enjoy the Zombies mode, killing the undead is a fast and effective way to earn XP. With a large swarm of zombies to take down, players can rack up XP quickly by defeating the undead within a short time frame. Just be sure to equip yourself with powerful long-range combat weapons, such as sniper rifles, to take down the zombies from a safe distance.

Complete Weapon Challenges

Weapon challenges in MW3 can offer players as high as 10,000 XP as a reward, making them a fast way to earn XP. While some challenges may take longer to complete, the XP reward makes it worthwhile for players looking to level up quickly.

Choose the Right Game Mode

MW3 offers various game modes, but some offer more XP than others. In modes such as Search and Destroy and Grounded, players can secure double XP for kills, making them great options for farming XP.

In conclusion, earning XP in Modern Warfare 3 is crucial for level and weapon progression. With the right strategies and game modes, players can quickly unlock powerful armory, level up, and gain access to various attachments. So, put these tips to use and start earning XP fast in MW3 today.

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