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The most famous tea in Egypt competes with the dollar

Prices for the most famous tea in Egypt, Al-Arusa, which is consumed by a large number of Egyptians in the country, have risen sharply.

The price of the bride’s tea has set an all-time high, as if competing with the dollar in prices: recently the price of a quarter kilo of bride’s tea jumped to £35 instead of £25, the second increase in just three months.

The prices of Al-Arousa tea with all its products went up in September 2022 and then came back again on the first day of December 2022 and went up again.

And the tea department of the Chamber of Commerce earlier announced that tea prices have risen around the world due to the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

On the other hand, the price of the dollar stabilized today, Saturday, in Egypt against the Egyptian pound in all banks operating in Egypt, and was fixed in the National Bank of Egypt and Egypt at a purchase price of 24.51, 24.56 pounds. for sale, and in the bank of the commercial international bank it recorded £24.55 for purchase, £24.61 for sale, the Bank of Alexandria registered £24.56 for purchase, £24.61 for sale, while the average exchange rate in The Central Bank of Egypt fixed 24.53 pounds. pounds to buy, 24.60 pounds to sell.

Source: Masravi