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The most prominent opposition figure, die recognized his authority . The military council in Chad is forming a transitional government

A spokesman for the Chadian army announced on state television that the military council, which has ruled Chad since the death of President Idriss Deby Itno on Sunday, has formed a transitional government.

The son of the late President Mohamed Idriss Déby, who heads the Provisional Military Council, was appointed by decree of forty ministers and state secretaries with the creation of a new ministry for national reconciliation.

For his part, Salih Kabzabo, the most prominent opponent of the late Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno, who spent two weeks on it, said die Recognition of the authority of the Transitional Military Council formed by the late president’s son and promised to restore civil order in the country within 18 months.

“We recognize the transitional military council, otherwise we would not take part in the government,” said Kabzabo after the military council formed a 40-member government between a minister and a deputy minister, two of whom are from the Kabzabo party.

On Monday, Mohamed Idriss Déby appointed Albert Bahimi Badakeh to head the interim government.

Padaka is the last prime minister in the era of Idriss Déby, before he abolished this post in 2018. He promised a “national reconciliation government” and opened “extensive consultations” during the week to propose names to the head of the Interim Military Council.

The National Portfolio for Reconciliation and Dialogue entrusted Ichik Ibn Omar, the former rebel leader who became diplomatic advisor to the presidency in 2019.

And Mohammed Ahmed Al-Habo, a historical opponent of Idriss Déby and a member of the Freedom and Development Party, was appointed Minister of Justice.

However, the most prominent opponent, Saleh Kabzabo, was not in represented by the new government.

Former ministers in Idriss Déby’s last government remained in office or took on new ministries. The government spokesman appointed Sherif Mohamed Zein as foreign minister. He had previously taken over this bag between 2018 and 2020.

Lady Basimda, die first wife, die ran in the presidential election last April, was appointed minister under Idriss Deby, Minister for Higher Education and Research.

The provisional military council promised to hold “free and democratic elections” within 18 months. In the meantime, looks die Transitional Charter die Formation of a transitional government, whose members are nominated by the chairman of the military council and die he can fire.

The most prominent opposition parties as well as trade unions and civil society activists looked at die However, the arrival of Déby’s son in power called a “constitutional coup” and called for a “transition phase of the civilian population”.

The last few days have been in the Chadian capital against calls by several opposition parties and civil society organizations die Assumption of power carried out by a transitional military council headed by President Idriss Deby’s son Muhammad and made up of 14 other generals, die were faithful to his father.

The Chadian President was killed in the wounds last month, hours after winning his sixth state, die he is fighting die Rebels had moved to the front in the north of the country.

68-year-old Deby won 79.3 percent of the vote on April 11 after being boycotted by high-ranking opposition leaders to protest his efforts to extend his 30-year rule.

The slain president took over in 1990 in an armed uprising die Makes. He was considered one of Africa’s most surviving leaders and a close ally of the Western powers, die against militants in West and Central Africa fought.

But he was frequent riots in exposed in the northern desert and also dealt with the growing dissatisfaction of the population with his management of the oil wealth and the crackdown on dissidents.

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