The Mulkia REIT fund earns 30.5 million riyals in 2021

Mulkia Investment Company announced the registration of the Mulkia Gulf Real Estate Fund REIT, net income of approximately 30.53 million riyals in 2021, compared to approximately 18.24 million riyals in 2020, an increase of 67.39%.

The fund had a net worth of around 638.85 million riyals at the end of last year, compared to around 641.69 million riyals at the end of 2012.

Mulkia Investments stated in a statement in “The Saudi Tadawul” today Wednesday that the number of existing units amounted to approximately 68.1 million units by the end of 2021, while the net value of the unit amounted to 9.38 riyals and the yield for the period it reached 4.76%.

The total expenses and commissions for the last year were approximately 43.63 million riyals.

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