The Myth That Inspired Dragon Ball Transforms into a Mind-Blowing Video Game: Black Myth: Wu Kong

The Myth that Inspired Dragon Ball Turns into a Mind-Blowing Video Game: Black Myth: Wu Kong

Black Myth: Wu Kong. This name has been ringing in the ears of players for a very long time now, and rightly so, as it caught their attention from the first seconds it was revealed. Inspired by Sun Wukong from the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the valiant character of Black Myth: Wu Kong has struck slap after slap at the hearing. Preparing for the incredible odyssey that awaits him, the hero of Black Myth: Wu Kong only comes out of its den on an annual basis, more precisely in the summer.

For three years, the developers of the studio Game Science have been offering us gameplay snippets that allow us to grasp the progress of the project. The last projection within the framework of the 2023 edition of Gamescom has proven to us the full extent of its potential and left us speechless, as is their habit.

The Lucky Ones at Gamescom

The lucky ones who find themselves in Cologne, in the aisles of the Gamescom fair, have also discovered that Game Science did not come empty-handed. In addition to the sumptuous trailer released last Tuesday, Black Myth: Wu Kong is currently being approached through a long thirty-minute demo. The demo showcases never-before-seen levels and fearsome enemies. The crowd rushes to discover it, controller in hand, as evidenced by the long minutes of waiting necessary before landing in front of one of the game terminals. The internet abounds with gameplay extracts that span several tens of minutes, fueling the enthusiasm already well-fed by the developers’ communication.

A few days ago, a new video of this caliber appeared, a few hours before the show by Geoff Keighley. This video captured during a livestream in 4K gives us the opportunity to watch a segment of the most recent version of the Game Science software.

The Major Asset of Black Myth: Wu Kong? Its Atmosphere Like No Other

Certainly, the new trailer caught the eye, but nothing says more than pure gameplay. Firstly, this allows us to appreciate the way in which Black Myth: Wu Kong offers a total change of scenery. What charmed the players from the start was its atmosphere like no other. The game relies on a lesser-known and long-fantasized mythology, which brings a little something extra. The striking graphics and environments take full advantage of the features and tools of the Unreal Engine 5. These environments evolve dynamically, as seen with the fights that take place in the snow or with the movements of the air which reverberate on the surrounding leaves, contributing to feeling more immersed and amazed by the level of detail.

However, one could reproach the choice of Game Science to register the points of damage inflicted on enemies, but this is a detail that a slight option may be able to sweep away.

In the midst of all this and despite this little pitfall, one can only talk about the staging of this highly exotic adventure because it is these same efforts that contribute to creating an atmosphere like no other and able to convince the players. Black Myth: Wu Kong completely immerses us and gives the impression of displaying a rendering that lives up to its mythology.

Don’t Think It’s Just a Clone of Elden Ring: It Has Nothing to Do with It!

Since the very first presentation of Black Myth: Wu Kong, it was quickly put into the category of action-adventure games in the Souls-like genre, more or less rightly so. Certainly, the legacy of FromSoftware’s creations is on cannot be more meaningful, but it would be simplistic to stick only to the structure. While the structure of Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Sekiro is evident in Black Myth: Wu Kong, the substance differs in many aspects.

Our Sun Wukong avatar has unequaled agility, allowing him to dodge blows with disconcerting fluidity. The character also has a parry that can prove to be formidable. On the attacking side, the gameplay of Black Myth: Wu Kong does not reinvent the wheel with light attacks and more powerful strikes, each type of attack depending on an endurance gauge. However, the character has three combat postures and unlocks special transformations and spells over the course of his journey, adding a unique twist to the traditional formula.

Through the various presentations available on the web, we can note other important elements such as the possibility of modifying equipment and varying the overall statistics of the hero. Each hit increases a special gauge, allowing the player to unleash devastating attacks. However, being aggressive and strategic is encouraged, much like in Sekiro.

What’s Next for Black Myth: Wu Kong?

At present, we have an idea of the game’s release window: summer 2024. This provides enough time for the Game Science teams to answer the many questions left unanswered. Will there be other weapons? How can we improve the stick? How does the experience and leveling system work? How many transformations and spells will our hero have? If we are already convinced, Black Myth: Wu Kong still has to show its credentials to definitively convince us.

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