The Netherlands and the UK are cooperating in the production of promising warships

Naval News has announced that Dutch and British companies will cooperate in the production of new warships for the German army.

Dutch shipbuilder Damen Naval has signed a contract with British Rolls-Royce to install a set of diesel generators on F126 ships to be developed for the German Navy.

According to the site, “Each of the F126 frigates will be equipped with four MTU 4000 class variable speed generators, as these generators are among the most environmentally friendly power generators Rolls-Royce has produced for ships, and the design of these generators allows them to operate efficiently on excellent speeds, which contributes to the rationalization of fuel consumption and reduces the need for its maintenance.

The website states that Rolls-Royce has previously developed many equipment for German Navy ships, such as the F124 and F125 frigates and the K130 corvettes.

The appearance or final characteristics of the new F126 frigates have not yet been approved, but the requirements of the German Navy indicate that each of these ships must have a displacement equivalent to 9000 tons, have a length of 155 m and be equipped with a prime crew. of 110 people in addition to its ability to carry an additional 70 people depending on the task it will perform.

Source: Weapons of Russia