The new Apex Legends patch teases even more Peacekeeper shotgun nerfs

The Apex Legends patch on December 3 is mostly about non-game changes, such as allowing players hundreds of additional levels to progress, and some quality of life updates. The patch also promises a much needed balance change for the near future.

The Peacekeeper is the most powerful standard shotgun from Apex Legends and one of the best all-round weapons. In fact, the weapon is so good that it probably belongs to the best weapons of Apex Legends. Since the game’s release, players have complained about the shotgun’s strength and asked that it be mitigated. Respawn has patched the weapon a few times, but for most players it is still stubborn.

This latest patch is not exactly right for the shotgun, but in a section called “The Peacekeeper”, Respawn informs the players where the weapon is and how it tries to repair it.

We have heard loud and clear that the peacekeeping force is still feeling too powerful after the recent changes. We’re working to make further optimizations to fix this as soon as possible, and will be releasing timing and changes details soon.

In this patch, The Peacekeeper has received a promise as to whether a future nerf. At the moment, players just have to deal with it.

Regarding the other changes from the December 3rd patch, Respawn raised the level cap from 100 to 500, giving players a lot of new unlocks, some new level-based weapon charms, and 400 new account levels to progress.

The patch also brings some new quality of life changes to players, including a setting that allows you to decide whether to avoid being plundered by taking damage, and improved circle positions to make sure the circle turns late in the game better places ends.

For an overview of all the changes made in the December 3 patch in Apex Legends, see the full patch notes below.

Apex Legends December 3 Patch Notes

The player level changes

  • Player Level Cap increased from 100 -> 500
  • The XP required to reach level 100 has been reduced by about 5% to compensate for the EP increases in level
  • Players can now earn 199 Apex packages after level 500 (previously 45).
  • Level 2 – 20: One pack per level
  • Level 22 – 300: One pack every two levels
  • Level 305 – 500: One pack every five levels
  • You still earn 600 Legend Markers per level
  • Apex Packs premiums are retroactive
  • Players will also receive a player-level rifle spike every 100 player levels

New weapon tags

  • 36 new Weapon Spells will be added to the Apex Packages at the Epic and Legendary Level.
  • Weapon spells also appear in the Rotating Shop for players who prefer direct purchase.

The peacekeeper

We have heard loud and clear that the peacekeeping force is still feeling too powerful after the recent changes. We’re working to make further optimizations to fix this as soon as possible, and will be releasing timing and changes details soon.

life quality

  • Helmets and armor should now be more color-blind and a little more lively – let us know if this will improve the experience for you!
  • The On / Off setting, which determines whether damage is caused by plundering a death box, closes the menu. You can toggle this in the gameplay area of ​​the settings.
  • Improvements to the final circle positions to improve the end positions and create more variety.
  • Players with automatic sprint enabled can now sprint out of a slide using L3.
  • Added Inspect animation for Lifeline’s heirloom.
  • Fixed an issue where the “thank you” key was no longer bound. It is now the original default: “F1”.
  • (PC ONLY) Fixed an issue where using an arrow key after selecting a number field in the settings jumped to the next option instead of changing the selected value.
  • The spawn rate of gold armor has been reduced.
  • Players will now receive a request that allows them to cancel running finishers.


  • Fixed a bug that caused other players to appear in the wrong rank (eg Apex Predator, but Bronze IV)
  • A series of World’s Edge bug fixes that deal with collisions, geometries, spawning reservoirs in bad areas, and cases where prey was not found in certain areas near Geyser.
  • Fixed an issue where the Respawn DropShip was sometimes muted on arrival.
  • Fixed an issue where Bangalore was pointing at the skullpiecer hop-up when pinging a wingman.
  • Resolved an issue where the player’s banner was displayed off center in the match overview / excreted squad screens.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Shield Cell and Phoenix Kit progress bars to be desaturated and difficult to read.
  • Fixed a bug that could instantly revive players in certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug that rarely resulted in a player being able to revive a teammate outside the ring.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effects on the Knockdown Shield remained visible after being destroyed by an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the EVA-8 Double Hump for automatic shotguns reduced the firing rate of the equipped shotgun bolt.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some legends to pass “Unqualified Ability” sound effects when trying to activate an ability that was still on cooldown.
  • Fixed a visual bug that sometimes caused a Legend’s weapon to temporarily float past the arm when using a shield cell.
  • Fixed a bug where the train’s lead car sometimes broke away from the rest of the turn after a player stopped and then raised it again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be knocked off the train while standing near the front car.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the faces of the third-person legend to appear distorted during games and inventory scanning.
  • Resolved issues with corrupted graphics and frame drops related to the detonation of weapons in certain locations, resulting in objects triggering bad pixels.
  • Fixed an issue where flying the Crypto drone near the train could cause Crypto to move without any input from the player.
  • Fixed a bug where Crypto’s tactical game looked like it would not charge until you used it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a death box to not settle on stairs and players could not retrieve the player’s banner card.

Update on Knockdown Shields

  • The KO shield shield now extends above and behind the player’s head.
  • Changes to the sign health
  • Common (gray): 100 hp -> 200 hp
  • Rare (blue): 250 hp -> 450 hp
  • Movement speed of the player with active KO shield reduced: .65 -> .55

firing range

  • Friendly Fire is now supported! You can turn it on and off in the settings menu. The option only appears if there is more than one player in your range.
  • (PC ONLY) Fixed cases where players could not enter the shooting range.
  • Various issues related to players in other areas who interacted with each other in firing range have been resolved:
  • Show other legend abilities and animations that are not in your area.
  • Invisible zipper lines.


Wattsons trophy system

  • The trophy system is now much more aggressive in the way grenades are fired. Instead of just distinguishing between incoming and outgoing projectiles, the trajectory of shells thrown into the capture zone is now predicted, and they are intercepted if they end up somewhere in that zone. This means that no grenade can touch a surface within the intercept zone, regardless of the crew, but players can fire grenades from anywhere within the zone to the outside.

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