The new partner of King Shark Reverse Suicide Squad’s Ratcatcher Relationship

ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark # 1-2, on sale now from DC Comics.

One of the more tender elements of of 2021 The suicide squad is the surprising and touching relationship that blossoms between Ratcatcher II and King Shark. The sincere bond of the friendship that develops between animal-themed supervillains is crucial first step on the emotional journey that sees Task Force X transform from a barely functional package of misfits in to true team of friends. There is a sense of camaraderie that eventually flattens the way for the group the triumph over Starro the Conqueror.

Unfortunately, Suicide Squad: King Shark # 2 by Tim Seely, Scott Kolins and John Kalisz shows that not everyone can appreciate the King Shark’s ability for kindness. While the report of Ratcatcher II with King Shark is defined by her ability recognize and alleviate the villain loneliness, his newfound “friendship” with political activist turned supervillain Defacer is a toxic connection it brings out the animal in both of them of they.

The King Shark report with disfiguring begins in Suicide Squad: King Shark # 1 after she was sent to Belle Reeve for deface a statue of her ex boyfriend Nightwing erected since city of Bludhaven. After witnessing Defacer’s emotional explosion during an a group therapy session, King Shark notices the similarities between her character and her “frenzy” and offers to teach her how to check it. King Shark even goes as far as kill the fiery supervillain Hot Take when he attacks a helpless Defacer in the bathroom, demonstrating how far is willing to go to protect his potential new friend.

Taking note of King Shark’s unusual affection for Defacer, Amanda Waller forces her to accompany King Shark to Hawaii while he visits hers father Kamo, the god of sharks. King Shark’s physiology prevents Waller from implanting him with the explosive devices he uses to hold prisoners of Bele Reve in line, then Waller plans on using Defacer as a hostage of ensure that the Suicide Squad is the heaviest hitter returns to its custody without a fight. However, Kamo himself has something different plans in mind for his son.

After forcing King Shark to battle against the mutated marine biologist Orca, Kamo reveals that he has chosen his son to represent him and theirs people in the Wild Games; a tournament that will be hole champions from various animal species against one another in to decide which species will dominate the Earth for the next ten millennia. While Kamo opens a portal in the elementary floor that will host the tournament, a terrified and tearful Defacer reminds King Shark that Waller will blow her up head off if he doesn’t go back to Belle Reve. Unable to deny his fate but unwilling to let Defacer die, King Shark challenges her father and takes it with him through the portal, which puts her away out of the explosive remote detonation range.

Despite everything he does for she, however, Defacer makes it a lot clear that she doesn’t share The feelings of King Shark of relationship. Out of its depth in the infernal halls of Belle Reve, Defacer refuses to think of anything other than surviving until she has served her sentence. This selfish mentality is reflected in Defacer’s unkempt appearance and hostile demeanor, which ironically leave her with the gaze more like a King Shark animal.

disfigurer shows how she cares little about King Shark’s feelings during the fight with Orca when using the same words of the encouragement he had given her to Belle Reve to manipulate him in way to spare Orca’s life, as Defacer had befriended her when the two were dating a supervillain support group together. Worse still, after King Shark rescues Defacer from Waller’s explosives by dragging her to the Wild Realms, she scolds him furiously. for leaving a bloody whale a die and do not think about his feelings, a display of ingratitude that understandably leaves King Shark upset and angry.

While there is still time for Defacer to change her mind on King Shark’s Offering of friendship, their willingness to sabotage King Shark paints a grim picture in course forward. By harnessing King Shark’s animal instincts, Defacer is setting itself up up like the exact opposite of Mouse Hunter II.

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