The New Punisher from Marvel Makes his Official Debut, and Joe Garrison Demonstrates Some High-Tech Weapons

The famous skull logo of Marvel‘s Punisher is making a comeback, but this time, it’s not Frank Castle who will be wearing it. Instead, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Joe Garrison will be taking up the mantle of the Punisher, embarking on a mission of vengeance after his family is killed in a devastating house bombing. With the creative team of David Pepose, Dave Wachter, and Dan Brown at the helm, Punisher #1 promises to be an action-packed series filled with hi-tech weaponry and a compelling storyline.

A Fresh Start with Joe Garrison

In this exciting reboot of Punisher, Marvel is presenting readers with a new character to don the iconic skull logo. At the heart of the story is Joe Garrison, a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who sets out on a quest for revenge after his family is tragically killed. Unlike Frank Castle, Joe Garrison brings his own unique backstory and perspective to the Punisher role. This fresh take on the character aims to set him apart and introduce exciting new elements to the Marvel Universe.

Hi-Tech Weaponry and a Thrilling Setup

The preview for Punisher #1 sets the stage for an exhilarating series. The story begins with two detectives investigating what appears to be an accidental explosion, only to discover an undiscovered bomb that failed to detonate. This clever setup, described by Marvel as a mix of “John Wick meets The Fugitive,” instantly captures readers’ attention. With Joe Garrison’s background as a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, he has access to a vast array of advanced and high-tech weaponry that Frank Castle never had. The final panel of the preview gives readers a glimpse into the world of Garrison, showcasing his cutting-edge arsenal, which promises an action-packed and technologically advanced Punisher series.

A Rich History and Tragic Backstory

Marvel fans are no strangers to the Punisher’s tumultuous journey over the years. His skull logo became synonymous with extremist groups, leading Marvel to reboot the character in the recent Punisher run by Jason Aaron and Jesus Saiz. During this time, Frank Castle traded his guns for a pair of katanas and became the Fist of the Hand ninja clan. The series concluded with Frank trapped in the alternate dimension of Weirdworld, leaving the Marvel Universe without a Punisher to carry out his brand of vigilante justice. However, with Joe Garrison officially debuting as the Punisher, the Marvel Universe once again has a skull-wearing avatar of vengeance.


Garrison’s intriguing backstory as the “gravedigger of S.H.I.E.L.D.” adds depth to his character. Having left his dark past behind to be with his family, Garrison is suddenly confronted with his past catching up to him in the most tragic way. Not only is he seeking revenge for his family’s murder, but he also finds himself as the prime suspect in the crime. This twist adds a layer of mystery and urgency to the series, forcing Garrison to unravel the truth and exact his own form of justice.

Comparison to Previous Incarnations

Throughout the Punisher’s illustrious history, other characters have been inspired by Frank Castle to take up the skull logo. Lynn Michaels and Rachel Cole-Alves both played significant roles in assisting Castle in his war on crime. Additionally, Frank himself has undergone various transformations, including his time as the undead Frankencastle and the storyline that saw him acquire the powers of the Beast of the Hand. With Joe Garrison now stepping into the role of the Punisher, readers are left wondering how he will measure up against these previous iterations. Marvel’s Punisher promises a thrilling and action-packed series that fans of the franchise will not want to miss.

The highly anticipated Punisher #1, brought to you by Marvel Comics, is set to release on November 8. This new iteration introduces Joe Garrison as the latest character to bear the skull logo, taking on the mantle of the Punisher. With David Pepose, Dave Wachter, and Dan Brown on board, this series promises an exciting and technologically advanced take on the beloved character. From hi-tech weaponry to a tragic backstory, Joe Garrison’s journey as the Punisher is bound to captivate readers. Don’t miss out on this thrilling new chapter in the Marvel Universe.

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