The new “Rittenhouse law” would hold up prosecutors responsible

An Oklahoma state senator has introduced legislation that … force the state to compensate the accused defendants of murder but after found not guilty of justified homicide, and called it “Kyle’s law” in honor of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Introduced on Tuesday by State Senator Nathan Dahm, a Republican who he is running for the US Senate, “Kyle’s law” would be force Oklahoma to cover legal fees and damages suffered by anyone accused of murder but found having acted in himself-defense, if the accused could prove they were the victim of “malicious accusation”.

“With Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial we have seen the impact prosecutors they can have on our rights are attacked and perhaps taken via for political reasons “ Dahm tweeted, adding that his new the legislation would be also Do prosecutors “personally responsible” for prosecute such cases.

Last week, a jury from Wisconsin found Rittenhouse is not guilty of first-graduate murder, attempted murder and mass in reckless danger, allegations arising from his shooting dead of Two men and hurting of another during the Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August. All three shots were captured on video and this video together with the witness’s testimony convinced the jury that Rittenhouse acted in himself-defense.

The template for Kyle’s law was drawn up by Andrew Branca, specialized lawyer in the law of himself-defense, in the awakening of The acquittal of Rittenhouse. by Branca law proposal it would be revolutionary in that would force prosecutors personally compensate the defendants and their families for mental and emotional distress and reputational damage suffered during a case.

At present, no state has such a law on his books while alone one – Washington – allows the victims of such prosecutions to be claimed compensation by the state.

“Just by holding the state in general and the prosecutor personally both responsible for these cases of unjust persecution of himself-defense cases can we keep these victims? of violent attack from also become victims of an aggressive justice system” wrote Branca.

While Dahm is currently trying to convince more Oklahoma lawmakers co-authored its bill probably better chance of becoming law there than elsewhere. Oklahoma has a Republican governor, he is considered a gun- been friends, and the GOP controls both houses of its state legislature with wide margins.

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