The next platform from Duck Hunt? Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is over. 2020 is already here and if your Christmas decoration is not ready, you may be a monster. So yes, it’s a little late to add more holly to the mantelpiece. However, we did find something you might want to prepare for next year: a playable version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt for your Christmas tree.

Discovered by Hackaday, YouTube creators have put together a version of Duck Hunt to be played on your tree. He created the game on a base with a screen – the TV-shaped ornament – and some Arduino boards connected to 3D printed parts. How it works: An Arduino board in the zapper helps to connect the weapon to the various duck ornaments that hang on the tree. the ducks are also connected to the television ornament. The ducks light up randomly. To score points you have to hit them – just like in the regular version of the game. The Arduino in the TV ornament keeps the score and the game continues until you miss a duck.

Wermy has not yet posted a video on how to do it himself, but he said he would be willing to go into more detail if people were interested. Listen to me, wermy: we care. If I could get Duck Hunt up and running on a Christmas tree, I could even run the risk of putting one up next year.

My cat – which is definitely a monster – always knocks it down.

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