The number of corona deaths in Yemen exceeds die a thousand cases

Today, Friday, have die Yemeni health authorities die Registration of 18 deaths and 100 new cases of coronavirus in announced in the last few hours.

The government emergency committee said in his daily report that the Taiz governorate with 29 cases die Led the list of new injuries, followed by Hadramout with 26 cases.

According to the report, Al-Dhale recorded 18 cases, 17 cases in Aden, two cases in Al-Mahra and three falls in Shabwa.

The committee reported that die Deaths totaled 18 cases including 9 cases in Hadhramaut, 6 cases in Taiz, two cases in Al Dhale’e and a case in Marib.

41 restores were also recorded, including 30 in Hadramout and 11 in Shabwa.

Reached until tonight die Total number of officially announced infections with the virus in the areas die under the control of the legitimate Yemeni government, 5,233, including 1,022 deaths and recoveries from 1987.

This statistic does not include die Areas, die controlled by the Houthi militia, die Farther die Pursues politics, die Hide number of cases as medical sources there confirm deaths and injuries have hit record highs.

The United Nations confirmed die Escalation in the number of corona cases in Yemen, die yourself in doubled in just a month, and viewed this as a dangerous and worrying indicator of die epidemic situation.

“The number of deaths is increasing. So far have been fast thousand deaths recorded, “said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric on Thursday at a press conference.

Dujarric underestimated die Validity of these numbers compared to the actually expected number of infections and resulted in “die limited ability to perform virus tests, die lack of reporting as well die Challenges in Accessing Treatment “.

And the United Nations Office for die The coordination of humanitarian affairs in Yemen made it clear last week that die Number of new cases of coronavirus steadily multiplied.

He said, “The number of in Covid-19 cases reported in the last few weeks has more than doubled since the beginning of the pandemic until last February. “

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