The numbers of unemployed and graduates in prison bring in embarrassment Erdogan

The Statistical Office of the European Union, known as Eurosat, put it in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is embarrassed after publishing recent data in a new census indicating a decline in the employment rate of students who have recently graduated from universities during the years of the government of his “Justice and Development” party, which has lasted for nearly two decades.

The unemployment rate of Turkish graduates, in fact, was 12.9% in 2004, and then rose to 14.3% in the fourteen years. in which the party of the Turkish president has continued to govern the country, according to what emerges from the census of the European Bureau.

“The local economy has lost the ability to create new jobs in various fields “, said the Turkish economist and university professor Faysal Ulsoy, adding that” there are not enough and good quality jobs available for recent graduates “.

He continued on “Al”:” Even if opportunities are guaranteed for some recent graduates, the level of salaries is low. “

He also stressed that “the government’s economic policies do not help to create additional job opportunities, which is a problem that adds to other economic crises the country is suffering from.”

For her part, the famous Turkish university professor and researcher Bangui Bashir said that “the unemployment of recent graduates is one of the biggest problems in the country, especially because the government is unable to find them job opportunities”.

He told Al “It is true that the country’s population is in increase, but in his industry does not develop much, and consequently there is a gap between young people and job opportunities “, stressing that” only the government can solve this problem. “

Eurosat data shows that the percentage of unemployed graduates reached 27.2 last June, which contradicts previous statements by the Turkish president, who said that “the employment rate of university students attracts attention. in Turkey on its highs “.

The number of university graduates in the country who do not do any work has reached 1,350,000, compared to 565,000 others who do not want to work after losing hope of finding suitable work, according to Eurosat statistics.

Coinciding with the unemployment problem faced by graduates, a government census revealed the presence of thousands of graduate and PhD students languishing behind bars, according to statistics published by the Directorate General of Prisons and Detention Centers. (CTE) Turkish.

Ankara jails 460 doctoral students, most of whom are men, including 6 women, and 2,371 graduate students, according to data released last September by the Directorate General for Prisons. They all graduated behind bars.

In exchange for 460 people who earned their doctorate in prisons, 449 others got the same degree at the University of the Bosphorus, also known as Bogazici, which means that the number of inmates who obtained a doctorate was greater than those who have graduated in a prestigious university outside the prison walls in one year.

In addition to PhD students and PhD students languishing in Turkish prisons, data from the Directorate General of Prisons shows that there are 27,515 graduates behind bars, a number slightly higher than the previous figures reported by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) last year when revealed that the number of convicted inmates in holding degrees The number of undergraduate students in the country has reached around 20,000, up from only 4,000 in 2012.

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