The occupation forces are starting to build a new separation wall east of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces have announced the start of construction of a new concrete wall in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, 4.6 km long, to provide protection for settlements and settler movements, close to the separation fence with the Strip. Palestinian People’s Defense Committee, Salah Abdel Ati, said in a statement that the wall that legitimized the occupation The Israeli residence in the east of the Strip is a perseverance in tightening the siege rings, underlining that the construction of the separation by the occupation walls has negative consequences and repercussions on water and on overall environmental life in the Gaza Strip.

Interestingly, the occupation forces completed the construction of the concrete and steel wall last year, which stretches from Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip to Rafah in the south, with a height media of 8 meters and a depth of 25 meters.