The one-day sale of strategy board games on Amazon is sometimes up to 65% cheaper

Black Friday has come and gone, but Amazon is ensuring that Christmas sales continue with up to 50 percent off board games sales. The sale includes dozens of strategy games, from card games to traditional board games to roleplay miniatures.

Selling titles include Wasteland Express Deliver Service, a post-apocalyptic board game about deliveries. The game is something of a cross between Borderlands and Mad Max and challenges players to make supply contracts between competing civilizations and factions around the world. The prices of the various items that you may carry with you are constantly changing. So you need to keep track of whether citizens need food, water or ammunition.


Photosynthesis is a visual and mechanical wonder

Another Amazon offering are numerous booster building blocks for the Pathfinder RPG, which can give your next campaign a little more flair. This Dungeons & Dragons rival is a pen & paper RPG focused on tactics. In the second installment of Pathfinder, it’s possible to make the complex combat system of the game a little more manageable without losing strategic depth.

For a few more tips on which games to get during Amazon sales, check out our full review of some of the most ambitious games of the year from Gen Con 2019 onwards. Below is a short list of some other games that Amazon offers.

Amazon Half-Off Board Game Sale

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – 8.75 USD (65 percent discount)

Forbidden Island – $ 9.99 (44 percent off)

Photosynthesis – $ 20.99 (53 percent discount)

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong – $ 22.99 (43 Percent Off)

Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game – $ 9.44 (62 percent off)

Castles of Mad King Ludwig – $ 27.99 (53 percent discount)

Queendomino – 15,25 USD (54 percent discount)

Sentinels of the Multiverse – $ 17.49 (56 percent off)

Little Epic Mechs – $ 14.99 (40 percent off)

Castle Panic – $ 41.29 (54 percent off)

Nyctophobia: The Hunted – $ 18.71 (53 percent off)

Three Kingdoms Redux – $ 28.48 (30 percent off)

Village Crone – $ 18 (64 percent off)

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