The opposition advises Erdogan: “Don’t hide your thumb” … and woo Egypt

Following the recent Turkish signals and statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party’s leaders with the desire for reconciliation and rapprochement with Egypt, the Turkish opposition also announced a desire to open a new side with Cairo and criticized Erdogan’s move that it said it was delayed and came after years of cracking.

In this regard, nal Çivkuz, senior advisor on foreign affairs in the Republican People’s Party of the opposition in Turkey, confirmed that the opposition had and had the same opinion before Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşolu’s statements about Egypt and his regime’s desire to approach him has endorsed him a lot in recent years.

He added: “We raised this last week and said that the current Turkish regime does not understand the civilizations of the Mediterranean and Africa, mixes politics and papers and believes that what it does is good for our country.”

“Don’t hide your thumb”

Commenting on the criticism of one of his supporters who are Erdogan’s supporters, he said: “After that, you shouldn’t hide your thumb again. He was referring to the fourth sign that the Turkish President and his supporters wave against Egypt against the backdrop of the armed men -in the Brotherhood on Rabaa Square in Cairo. “

Regarding the goal of sending a Turkish opposition delegation to Cairo, Barakat Qar, a Turkish analyst, told that the opposition values ​​Egypt and its role and wants to fully normalize relations with it, adding added that the visit did not come after his belief in responding to Erdogan’s rapprochement with Egypt, in order to build relationships with social and political forces in Cairo, and to explain the opposition’s views on events and issues in the region.

“Dangerous Conditions”

Osman Faruk Logoglu, former Vice President of the Republican People’s Party and former Turkish ambassador to Washington, told that “Turkey’s rapprochement with Egypt, if fruitful, would be in the interests of both countries and reduce tensions in the region Since they are two great regional powers, he hopes – as his expression – to succeed.

He added: But it is clear that there are serious conditions that must be met. Egypt – and this is its right – will seek certain assurances from Turkey before restoring relations, the most important of which have already been announced. This is respect for sovereignty and non-interference in Arab and internal affairs. However, this shows that the most sensitive request is to end all support and facilities made available to members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is likely that Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean will also be addressed.

He also stated that the normalization of relations between Turkey and Egypt, while desirable, would not be easy, stressing that it would require patient and confidential negotiations and that mutual trust would take a long time to develop.

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