The optimum temperature at which to place the air conditioner

Andrey Tyagelnikov, chief district doctor of the Moscow Health Department, said that in the heat, you need to turn on the air conditioner to cool the room to a temperature of 20-22 degrees.

Tyagilnikov told the Novosti agency: “When it’s hot outside, you need to take measures to calm down. The human body is not adapted to withstand high temperatures for a long time, therefore, if the body temperature rises to 40 degrees, there is a danger of heat stroke. Therefore, air conditioners are considered an effective invention to maintain the best climatic conditions. The air conditioner should be operated at a temperature of 20-22 degrees. No less. As a rule, such devices are designed to maintain a certain temperature in a room of a certain size. Therefore, it is better not to leave the air conditioner running at night.

He added: “When it’s hot outside, most of us want to cool down quickly, and people turn the air conditioner on too cold, leading to the risk of hypothermia. To avoid the risk of illness, the room must be cooled gradually and avoiding temperature The temperature is too low It is also important to enter the room with air conditioning running carefully It is better to wear clothes If the asphalt melts from the heat and the room temperature is even less than 20 degrees, the body is subject to fatigue due to temperature changes and cooling “Fast” because it cannot adapt to temperature changes so quickly. This lowers our immune defenses, leaving us vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, and exacerbates chronic diseases.”

Tyagelnikov also noted that special attention should be paid to air conditioners in shopping centers and public places, where we cannot regulate the temperature on our own. And in stores, especially grocery stores, the air is often noticeably cooler. Also in the summer, people are often injured by car air conditioners: they sit in a saloon heated by the sun and immediately turn on the air conditioner and direct an ice jet at themselves.

He continued: “We should not forget that the presence of air conditioning does not exclude the need to ventilate the room and carry out regular wet cleaning. Manufacturers of these devices recommend taking short maintenance breaks and cleaning them regularly to prolong their life. air conditioners because dust and other contaminants from the air seep into the unit and then spread back into the room with the airflow.”

Source: RIA Novosti