The Outcome of Godzilla vs. Superman Will Determine How Powerful the King of Monsters Really Is

Godzilla vs Superman: The Ultimate Showdown of Strength

In a preview for Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 by Brian Buccellato and Christian Duce, Godzilla’s strength has officially been decided in the midst of his intense fight with Superman. For kaiju fans, Godzilla has been heralded as King of the Monsters for decades now because of his immense strength. Though he occasionally experiences defeat, he’s constantly back on top and overthrowing the competition in feats of strength. However, it’s long been debated just how strong Godzilla actually is, and a recent crossover with DC’s Justice League has finally given an answer.

Godzilla’s Title as King of the Monsters

The immense amount of strength it would take to bowl Superman over without kryptonite or a Red Sun has already been officially confirmed by DC as rather high because of his power level. The fact that Godzilla is capable of smacking the Man of Steel away like a flyswatter shows he’s even more powerful than DC’s biggest hero.

The Crossover Event: Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2

This stunning feat of strength by the King of Monsters ultimately proves that his power level is greater than fans could have ever expected. He’s officially stronger than Superman himself, and given that he fends off the hero so easily with just his tail, it can be assumed that he could take even stronger beatings than that.

Godzilla’s God-Level Strength

Godzilla’s Strength Has a Surprising Tie to Superman Lore

The most interesting thing about this development is that Godzilla’s strength completely outdoing Superman may not come as a huge surprise. Love him or hate him, Nuclear Man from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and later brought to the official comics in 2018, was a character that managed to subdue the hero with radioactive energy injected through his fingernails. Godzilla actually has a stunning connection to this since his powers come from atomic energy. It’s clear that radioactivity has an effect on Superman when harnessed in a physical form, and given Godzilla’s entire being is tied to the Atomic Age after decades of nuclear bomb testing, his ability to defeat the Kryptonian was in the cards this entire time.

The Reign of Godzilla – Strongest Kaiju in Cinematic Battles

Whatever lies ahead for Godzilla’s brush with the DC Universe, it’s going to take way more than just one Kryptonian from Middle America to send him back to the ocean. He’s officially been confirmed to have god-level strength that can easily send Superman flying across the city without breaking a sweat. Godzilla has been known for years to be the strongest kaiju there is, and his effortless battle against Superman proves that he will not lose his crown for King of the Monsters anytime soon.

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