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The overthrow of Argentina is not just a victory for Saudi Arabia!

The football epic accomplished yesterday by the Saudi national team against Argentina gave the real signal for the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in a historic match which saw the largest attendance in Qatar’s history, with over 80,000 spectators who, in in turn, it witnessed chapters of victory over Argentina, the first candidate to win the world title, and was a surprise of great caliber. For all football lovers, including the Saudis themselves, who have never seen their national team with that high spirit, great grit, high pace, tremendous fitness, great offensive daring, and a strong defensive organization that adopted a defensive line that almost cost him dearly in the first half against an Argentina national team. the match, which ignited the World Cup, and aroused the feelings of the Tunisian national team players who nearly toppled Denmark in turn. With the testimony of all those who follow Saudi football, Al-Akhdar played his best match in the history of his six participations in the World Cup finals, but rather in the history of Saudi football at all individual and collective, technical and physical levels , psychological and mental. He imposes his pace and style of play despite all the stars that abound with them, and they didn’t even back down in the last moments of the match, in where their concentration was high and their defensive organization stood out, despite Salman Al-Faraj’s injury-contingent exit, the shrewd French manager Hervé Renard managed to make the difference, especially between the two halves of the match, according to rumors that spoke of his anger at the defensive performance that allowed the Argentines to reach the goal of the brilliant goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais, and urged them to have fun and play the ball they mastered without calculation. The Argentine national team, for his part, did not understand what happened to them in front of Saudi Arabia, which he underestimated after scoring the first goal in opening, and I think he will score a festival of goals due to the defensive gaps that appeared in the first half, but the opposite happened, we didn’t see Messi, and it wasn’t in able to center his field and attack On penetrating the defense in Saudi Arabia in the second half, not even finding spaces that allowed Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez to fix the result, at least in the second half, in so that the team logically lose for the first time since July 2019 and end the streak of 36 games without defeat at the hands of Al-Akhdar. , which complicates Argentina’s mission, which awaits him in next Saturday’s decisive match against Mexico, which he draws against Poland in his first match, unless Messi stands up in his last World Cup and leads his country on the via del victories again, and it is he who tried after the defeat to motivate his players when he called them to answer Action and affirmation that they are a united group that does not break with defeat. The Saudi national team, in turn, will be at the appointment with the confirmation in a game that promises to be more difficult than the one against Argentina, which will require more concentration, physical fitness and the same fighting spirit, with optimal management of the euphoria and feeling of winning the first game, against a respectable Polish team, above all in absence of Yasser Al-Shahrani and Salman Al-Faraj, due to the injury in the match against Argentina. Also, the media and public pressure on the players will be great, they won’t be satisfied with qualifying for the second round in alternative, and why not go as far as possible in a tournament as if taking place in Saudi lands and stadiums, given the huge numbers that have invaded the Qatari capital, Doha, with numbers exceeding one hundred thousand fans, who consider the victory over Argentina a great achievement that requires more effort to achieve more. There recordideal and historic presence of the Saudi public will have the effect, as happened in the first match, of giving the World Cup a special flavor and a truly Arab character, not only because it is organized in Arab countries, but because the young people of the Kingdom, the Carthage Eagles and the Atlas Lions who shined in theirs prime matches want to make history and reach advanced roles, just as Qatar made history by hosting the World Cup on an exceptional basis, which also remains in history. Algerian media


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