The Pakistani Foreign Ministry confirms that his country has witnessed a peaceful transfer of power in compliance with the constitution

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Asim Iftikhar said Pakistan has witnessed a peaceful and democratic transfer of power in compliance with the Pakistani constitution, denying the validity of the theory of a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the government of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He explained at today’s weekly press conference in Islamabad that the National Security Committee had discussed in detail the diplomatic cable indicated by former prime minister Imran Khan as a promise of a foreign threat requiring a change of government in Pakistan, adding that the matter was carefully considered by all interested parties in the National Security Council. Indeed, it was discovered that there was no foreign plot to overthrow Imran Khan’s government.

The spokesperson explicitly stated that the National Security Council has already come to the conclusion that there is no foreign conspiracy trying to overthrow Imran Khan’s government.

He indicated that the matter has already been resolved and that the focus is currently on strengthening diplomatic relations with all countries on the basis of national interest.

The spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry urged the parties inside his country to address the issue with a certain degree of responsibility and to avoid irresponsible comments, given the presence of “trust and confidentiality” in diplomatic relations, warning that the politicization of issues diplomatic leads to complications in Pakistan’s relations with other countries.