The Pale Blue Eye Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

The Pale Blue Eye is a 2022 American mystery-thriller movie that Scott Cooper wrote, produced, and directed. It is based on Louis Bayard’s 2003 book of the same name. It relates the tale of seasoned investigator Augustus Landor, who enlists the help of young military cadet Edgar Allan Poe in 1830 West Point, New York, to look into a string of deaths at the United States Military Academy. In addition to Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Harry Lawtey, Timothy Spall, Simon McBurney, and Robert Duvall, the movie also stars Christian Bale as Landor and Harry Melling as Poe.

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Before its Netflix streaming debut on January 6, 2023, The Pale Blue Eye was launched in a few chosen theatres on December 23, 2022. The film generally received positive reviews from critics.


  • Christian Bale as Augustus Landor
  • Harry Melling as Cadet Edgar Allan Poe
  • Simon McBurney as Captain Hitchcock
  • Timothy Spall as Superintendent Thayer
  • Toby Jones as Dr. Daniel Marquis
  • Harry Lawtey as Cadet Artemus Marquis
  • Fred Hechinger as Cadet Randolph Ballinger
  • Joey Brooks as Cadet Stoddard
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg as Patsy
  • Lucy Boynton as Lea Marquis
  • Robert Duvall as Jean Pepe
  • Gillian Anderson as Mrs. Julia Marquis
  • Steven Maier as Cadet Fry
  • Brennan Keel Cook as Cadet Huntoon
  • Orlagh Cassidy as Mrs. Fry
  • Scott Anderson as Benny
  • Gideon Glick as Cadet Horatio Cochrane
  • Jack Irv as Cadet Hamilton(as Jack Irving)

What is The Release Date of The Pale Blue Eye?

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On December 23, the movie will have a limited theatrical run. On January 6, 2023, it was available to all audiences via the streaming service Netflix.

Who is The Director of The Pale Blue Eye?

Scott Cooper is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and actor born on April 20, 1970. Crazy Heart (2009), Out of the Furnace (2013), Black Mass (2015), and Hostiles are among the films he has written and directed (2017).

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Cooper worked as an actor for ten years in both cinema and television. With the 2009 film Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal, he transitioned to directing. The movie, produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures, won several awards, including the Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Actor (Bridges).

Director Ridley Scott, producer Michael Costigan, and leaders at Leonardo DiCaprio’s production firm, Appian Way, were among Crazy Heart’s admirers. The Low Dweller, a Brad Ingelsby spec script with DiCaprio and Scott attached as actor and director, respectively, was submitted to Cooper for development. Cooper revised the script, invoking his memories of growing up in Appalachia and experiencing the early loss of a sister.

The Pale Blue Eye | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is The Plot of The Pale Blue Eye?

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The movie is based on Louis Bayard’s 2006 book of the same name. The narrative occurs at the Military Academy in West Point, New York. The academy is disturbed and perplexed when a young student is discovered hung and, subsequently, with his heart removed in the winter of 1830. Hence, they decide to engage the aid of Gus Landor, a former police investigator. The two finally create an odd alliance after Landor eventually turns to the academy for help and meets Edgar Allan Poe, a bright young recruit.

The Pale Blue Eye chronicles the author of The Raven’s early years before he rose to fame as one of his generation’s most famous poets. Poe appears to be in his element in this chilling and gory whodunit. The movie is not based on actual events, even though Poe was a US military member and spent seven months at West Point. The sights and language spectators will encounter appear as real as they take place.

The official synopsis via Netflix reads:

1830 at West Point. A cadet is discovered dead in the early hours of a gloomy winter morning. However, sorrow turns to violence when the body is revealed to have had its heart surgically removed at the mortuary. To solve the murder, the leaders of the newly established military institution resort to a local investigator named Augustus Landor (Christian Bale). Landor, hindered by the cadets’ oath of silence, enlists the aid of one of their own to investigate the case: an eccentric cadet called Edgar Allan Poe, who dislikes the demands of the military and has a fondness for poetry (Harry Melling).