The Palestinian Foreign Ministry rejects Britain’s decision to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization

Today, Saturday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the British government’s decision to take in consideration Hamas is a terrorist organizationAnd the resolution considered the decision an unjustified attack on the Palestinian people “who are subject to the most atrocious forms of occupation and historical injustice for which the ominous Balfour Declaration established, having been expelled from their homeland and abandoned in exile, and still paying high prices for their land, life and the future of their generations as a result of continued occupation, settlement, forced displacement and collective punishment.

The ministry stressed that “the British government, with this decision, has placed obstacles in the way of achieving pace and obstacles to efforts to consolidate the truce and rebuild the Gaza Strip. “

He continued: “This British decision comes a week after the Israeli prime minister asked his British counterpart on the sidelines of the Glasgow climate summit to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization, and we see that it is in in line with this request. “

The ministry has called on the British government to “stop the double policy standard and doubles standard and immediately withdraw this decision “, noting that” it will study with the relevant authorities the effects and repercussions of this decision on Palestinian-British bilateral relations, its impact on Britain’s traditional role in the region and its limited contribution “. future in every possible political process.

British Interior Minister Priti Patel announced on Friday that he had made the decision to completely ban the “Hamas” movement.

The minister stressed that “Hamas has terrorist capabilities that include access to advanced large-scale weapons”, adding that the government is committed to countering extremism and terrorism wherever they are.

In 2001, Britain blacklisted the factions of Izz al-Din al-Qassam – the military wing of Hamas – without the entirety of the movement, and is now reverting to seeing the entire movement as a terrorist organization. .

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