The panic in the Twitter scenes … More officials are fleeing!

Despite not two weeks after the purchase of the American billionaire Elon Musk, the bluebird, it seems that panic and anger have begun to creep into the scenes of the famous Twitter company.

After the massacre of layoffs that affected 7,500 employees last week, Musk announced to his employees yesterday Thursday the possibility of the company going bankrupt, which apparently sparked a wave of panic and confusion within. of the corridors of the platform.

The rosary of resignation is repeated

Coinciding with this announcement, more executives have stepped down, including Kathleen Pacini, director of human resources; Yoel Roth, Head of Trust and Security; and Robin Wheeler, advertising director, according to four sources informed to the New York Times.

It followed the resignations of three executives senior Twitter’s security, privacy and compliance officers on Wednesday, according to two people familiar with the matter and internal documents.

They are Leah Kesner, Chief Information Security Officer, and Damian Keran, Privacy Officer; and Marian Fogarty, the compliance officer, who resigned one day before the deadline to submit a compliance report to the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the company’s privacy practices as part of the 2011 agreement.

While Douglas Farrar, spokesman for that committee, confirmed in a statement that quest’latest “follows developments within Twitter with deep concern,” adding that no one is above the law.

confused and amazed

Interestingly, since his Twitter purchase at the end of last month (October 2022) for $ 44 billion after many months of tug-of-war, the controversial man has moved quickly to make his mark on the company and to introduce several amendments. He has announced his intention to impose a price on him in change of the blue mark, in addition to prohibiting the representation, even as a joke, without announcing it.

Additionally, Musk fired dozens of employees, while others quit, and yesterday issued a warning in his first official email to company employees, pointing out that he could declare bankruptcy!

Which left thousands of employees in a state of amazement, as well as advertisers, some of whom suspended their ads on the platform a week ago, in amidst confusion and ambiguity about the fate of the blue bird, as the American billionaire promised to free it!

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