The Panthers’ top 11 contenders to replace Ron Rivera

The Panthers decided to shoot Ron Rivera on Tuesday after (nearly) nine NFL seasons as their coach.

Following his recruitment in 2011, Rivera led the team to a 76-63-1 regular season record with four trips to the postseason. The Panthers posted a 3-4 playoff record with Rivera, highlighting progress to the Super Bowl 50 after the 2015 season.

While junior coach Perry Fewell will take over as head coach for midfield, it is probably not a long-term coaching option for team owner David Tepper.

Here’s a list of 11 replacement candidates for Rivera, who take control of the defense, leading in a terrific run against the run, is the big reason it started with four weeks left in the 2019 season.

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Current position: offensive coordinator, Vikings

Stefanski is only 37 years old, but since taking his current position in the middle of last season, Kirk Cousins ​​has delivered his best career. Minnesota’s run has also reached a new level with Gary Kubiak introducing zone blocking concepts to facilitate Stefanski’s steady use of Dalski Cook.

Mike Zimmer has been a good mentor and Stefanski can guide Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel (and QB TBD) in big things.

Current position: aggressive coordinator, leaders

Bieniemy, 50, is the last strong defender Andy Reid, after Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy got good jobs in the same capacity.

He’s done a great job with Patrick Mahomes and that should make him very attractive to take the next step with the Panthers 2020, whether it’s Cam Newton, a bridge pick from elsewhere or a high pick pick .

Byron Leftwichhttps: // T = 522293916 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Current position: offensive coordinator, Buccaneers

Leftwich at 39 is also young, but has quickly gained respect around the league while learning under Bruce Arians. He has done better than you think with the operation of attacking Jameis Winston.

File Leftwich as another coach who could take full advantage of Moore and Samuel’s explosive talent plus McCaffrey’s global backfield dominance.

Current position: offensive coordinator, Ravens

The 47-year-old Roman has a great season driving Lamar Jackson and Baltimore on the offensive machine. He has learned well from two successful brothers Jim and John Harbaugh.

Roman is a pioneering, forward-thinking mind and the details must come with him from the Ravens.

Current position: offensive coordinator, Colts

The 38-year-old Sirianni is younger than Leftwich, but has also been seen as an emerging assistant to Frank Reich. He has good experience with both commanders and chargers.

Again, by defining the Carolina game as the key and installing a solid system as a must, Sirianni is on the list.

Current position: Defensive Coordinator, 49ers

Saleh, 40, is making himself a strong contender with his excellent all-round job of defending the 49ers to support Kyle Shanahan’s attack. It’s a fiery motivation with youthful energy, an extroversion learned by Pete Carroll in Seattle.

It could be the Panthers version of former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, who has hit the accounts.

Jason Garretthttps: // T = 126458506 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Current position: coach, Cowboys

Jerry Jones believes Garrett will train somewhere in the NFL in 2020. If Dallas plays with his coach, it may not seem to be the most inspirational option or even more of a side move by Rivera, but the 53-year-old is good to achieve stability and consistency in the margins.

Tepper would like Garrett’s tastes and organization, even if the analysis and aggression are not assets.

Current position: offensive coordinator, Buccaneers

Monken would have to play for many college football openings at the age of 53 because he has this kind of mentality with his plans.

But subconsciously with Freddie Kitchens, he needs to get out of Cleveland and get into a situation where he can show more than playing the game and guiding him.

Current position: assistant coach / tight ends, Saints

Campbell, 43, took the opportunity with the Delphi coach four seasons ago, but has learned a lot since working with Sean Payton.

The former NFL tight end mixes good knowledge of offensive programs with fine makeup, perfect for a youthful Panthers movement.

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Current position: defensive coordinator, Colts

Eberflus, 49, will be head coach sometime soon, thanks to the work he has done to make the game and make the most of the Colts defense.

Like Sirianni, Eberflus has also learned well under the Reich.

Current position: offensive coordinator, Jaguars

DeFilippo has once again taken a buzz for a coaching job, as the 41-year-old, despite being handcuffed by Doug Marrone and not receiving much help from the defense, has done great things with Gardner Minshew, Leonard Fournette and DJ Chark.

This certainly calls for an offense focused on McCaffrey, Moore and Samuel.

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