The party leader rejects Erdogan’s invitation to join the ruling coalition

The leader of the opposition Turkish Islamic party Felicity, Temel Karamologlu, said he rejected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s offer to join the “people” coalition for the elections.

Speaking to the Sozcu newspaper, Karamolaoglu said Erdogan called on the Felicity Party to join the ruling People’s Alliance made up of the Party for Justice and Development (AKP) and the Far Right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

“We have to be together,” Karamolaoglu said, quoting Erdogan as he received the leader of the Happiness Party in Ankara last week. Referring to the presidential system, I told him: “Our objection is to an uncontrolled system, we don’t want to be in such a system, “said Karamolaoglu, referring to the presidential system.

He said he and Erdogan discussed the same issue before the 2017 constitutional referendum and noted that it was impossible for the Happiness Party to support a presidential system that was not subject to checks and balances.

The main parties in Turkey fall in two main alliances: the first is the “People” alliance, which includes the ruling party and its ally, the nationalist movement, and the second alliance is the opposition “Nation” alliance, which includes the Republican Party, the feasts of Islamic “goodness” and “happiness”.

Elections are scheduled for 2023, but the opposition has called for early elections, noting that Turkey’s growing economic woes can only be eliminated by going to early elections and forming a new administration to address the woes of the economy.

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