The Pentagon chief promises his Arab allies that he will oppose Iran

Iran and its drones are a threat to US troops and allies in the Middle East, and Washington will work to discourage him, the Pentagon chief told Gulf officials amid concerns that U.S. forces are being realigned away from the region.

“The proliferation of Iran of one-way attack UAVs are a constant threat to American troops and a hindrance in the fight against ISIS “ US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said this during a regional security conference in Bahrain on On Saturday.

“Such systems are likely feature in prominent way in conflicts of the future and them already threaten civilian aircraft. That’s why my department has made tackling the drone threat is a priority “, the United States official added.

At the Manama Dialogue conference, Lloyd highlighted the Biden administration’s preference for diplomacy over military action, but said the Pentagon was ready to field an overwhelming one force and ensures victory in any part of the world, should be called upon to do so.

“We remain engaged in a diplomatic achievement of nuclear power issue… If Iran is unwilling to engage seriously, then we will look into all of the options necessary to keep the United States safe “, he warned, referring to the continuing indirect negotiations between the United States and Iran in Vienna.

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“Suicide Drone” attack’targets the US military Al-Tanf base in Syria’s Homs – reports

Austin called on Tehran to demonstrate its commitment to renew 2015 international agreement on its nuclear program, from which the United States withdrew under President Donald Trump. The Biden administration says wants to relaunch the deal, but the two sides disagree how this should be made. He also reiterated Washington’s determination to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, an ambition that Iran does government denies.

Describe the alleged Iranian military threat, the Pentagon chief did not identify any specific incidents. But the speech came weeks later attack on a military basis that the United States has established in Eastern Syria, which has been attributed by some media to the Iranians.

Five so-called “kamikaze drones” reportedly hit the Al-Tanf base near the Syrian junction point with Iraq and Jordan on October 20 attack left no casualties, as US troops were evacuated hours before it happened. Tehran has never claimed responsibility for the incident and Washington has never officially accused Iran of being behind it.

According to US and Israeli sources quoted from the New York Times on Friday, the attack it was launched by an Iranian proxy force in retaliation for Israeli attacks against Groups linked to Iran on Syrian soil.

Austin was in visit in Bahrain to reassure US partners in Middle East of his commitment to theirs defense. Concerns over decrease in the attention of the United States in the region flared up in the awakening of withdrawal from Afghanistan in September. Austin said support regional partners allowed the United States to conduct the massive evacuation of people from Kabul.

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