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The Pentagon: the mission of the Afghan forces is to slow down the momentum of the Taliban


US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Saturday that the Afghan security forces’ first task is to make sure they can slow down the Taliban’s momentum before attempting Regain control of the territory In a moment in which Afghan forces are planning to strengthen their presence in strategically important areas of the country.

Reuters reported that the Afghan army is reforming its war strategy against the Taliban to concentrate forces around The most important areas such as Kabul and other cities border crossings and critical infrastructures.

by Afghan forces

“They are building their forces around major population centers,” Austin told reporters on a visit in Alaska.

Austin added: “In terms of whether or not to arrest the Taliban, I think the first thing to do is to make sure it can slow down the momentum.”

Austin made the remarks as the US military prepared to finish its mission in Afghanistan on August 31 by order of President Joe Biden.

Austin added that he believed Afghans had the capacity and potential to make progress, but added: “We’ll see what happens.”

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