The Pentagon: Ukraine is using a missile system to hit Russian command posts

A senior US defense official said Ukrainian forces are having “great success” using a US-supplied advanced missile system to target Russian command posts.

Ukrainians used High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems (HIMARS) to target the positions of Russian leaders in their battle for the eastern region of the country known as Donbass.

“Because it is such an accurate and long-range system, the Ukrainians are in able to carefully select targets that would undermine Russia’s efforts in a more systematic way than they could with short-range artillery systems, “the official said.

Ukrainian forces are still in the early days of HIMARS operation, four of which the United States has already sent to the former Soviet country, and four more have promised late last month that only a few Ukrainian forces can operate after following a course. training.

HIMARS missiles, with a range of around 40 miles, gave Ukrainians the ability to hit long-range targets with greater accuracy than they had been in able to do in precedence with short-range artillery.

“What you see is that the Ukrainians are in fact systematically collecting targets, then hitting them with precision, thus presenting this precise method of undermining Russian capabilities,” the official said. “I see that I am in able to continue using it all the time the Donbass.

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