The Pentagon ups the ante in vaccine stall with Oklahoma National Guard

The Pentagon has warned the US National Guard that vaccination against Covid-19 is mandatory and that members will do so face disciplinary action if they don’t get the jab after a National Guard general openly challenged a vaccine mandate.

Brigadier General Thomas Mancino – the 45th infantry brigade commander of The Oklahoma National Guard – he told his folks soldiers last week that “No negative administrative or legal action” would have been caught if they had refused vaccination against Covid-19, despite the controversy of President Joe Biden military vaccination mandate.

national guard general challenges the Pentagon's Covid-19 vaccine mandate for soldiers

TO KNOW MORE: national guard general challenges the Pentagon’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for soldiers

However, the Pentagon fired back on Monday, warning that the members of the National Guard would be punished if they remain not vaccinated.

“It’s a legitimate order for National Guards to receive the COVID vaccine. It’s a legitimate order “ Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby warned. “Refuse to do so, in absence of an approved exemption, puts them in the same potential as active-duty members who refuse the vaccine “.

Kirby noted that members of the State National Guard were also in due to the Secretary of Defense orders and that the Oklahoma National Guard should then comply like any other USA military body.

“Secretary of The defense has the authority to request these vaccines for all members of the force, including the National Guard, as I said, too in a Title 32 state, “ Kirby said, arguing that even when members of the National Guard are under command of state governors must abide by the Pentagon’s vaccination mandate, since the force it is funded by the federal government.

Claiming that vaccinated members were a more ready force, Kirby added than the National Guard “encounter key national security needs, so it’s important for them to get these vaccines “.

While the vast majority of we military personnel were vaccinated, some opposed the Biden administration’s vaccination mandates. Nearly 8,500 members of the Air Force missed a vaccination deadline earlier this month, with 5,000 fights for religious exemption, while 800 simply refused.

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