The Philippines regains control of air traffic control operations after an electrical outage

The Philippines has regained control of air traffic control (ATMC) operations, after hundreds of flights were canceled or diverted due to technical problems that forced the authorities to close the country’s airspace.

The Philippine Department of Transportation said in a post on Facebook that the Air Traffic Management Center at Ninoy Aquino International Airport has resumed normal operations after the power outage.

Philippine Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista said a power problem earlier in the day had led to “a loss of communications, radio, radar and the Internet.”

More than 280 domestic flights were delayed, canceled or diverted to other regional airports, affecting an estimated 56,000 passengers at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The ATMC system monitors all flights in entrance and in outbound and flights within Philippine airspace.
Without their guidance, pilots would blindly fly into other aircraft.

While there is no immediate figure on the total number of affected flights that would have used Philippine airspace, a passenger on a Singapore-bound United Airlines Holdings flight from San Francisco said it had been diverted to Honolulu.

A Scoot Pte Ltd flight bound for Singapore from Narita Airport was also forced to turn back midway, according to passenger John Villanueva.

And 8 flights bound for Manila, Cebu and other destinations in the Philippines were diverted to Hong Kong airport, a Hong Kong airport authority spokesman told Bloomberg and Al he saw it.

The Philippine Transportation Administration said in earlier that departure and arrival flights had been rescheduled and advised passengers to await instructions from the airline.

Philippine Airlines said a number of flights will experience delays or hijackings, according to a post of Facebook.

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