The pillar releases V2 of community-run multi-chain wallet that reduces gas commissions by 99%

Open-source project is community-run Pillar cryptocurrency wallet, launched today V2 of its multichain crypto wallet. The founders of the company are organizing a webinar event called “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” on June 30th at 18:00 CET a show participants how the multichain V2 wallet can take advantage of this.

V2’s new features and services include:

  • DAO community – Pillar (PLR) token the owners govern the product roadmap, finance the initiatives; manage the treasury of token 100 million PLR; and get rewarded for their contributions.
  • Low fees and higher transaction speeds – users can connect to dApps available on sidechain and level 2 networks and pay 99 percent lower fees than Ethereum.
  • Cross Portfolio Management – one wallet, one address and one dashboard to manage cryptocurrencies assets through networks for a unified multi-chain experience.
  • Usable insights – wallet users can access industry news, trends and education materials directly within the app (via Stories of the pillar).
  • Decentralized and safe – Contract-based smart wallets offer greater security and are recoverable.

“The launch of the V2 brings together the experience we have gained from building and scaling of smart wallet solutions in the decentralized space over the past three years with Exceptional UX / UI. “
– Pillar CEO, Michael Messele

Note, an updated Connect wallet feature will have automatic network switch to connect users to chains like xDAI, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

CCO of Pillar Aldin Ademović says, “Ethereum remains the industry leader for innovation and liquidity, and the V2 pillar will guide users there, but with more intention and purpose by educating them on the basic features of EVM-compatible chains and the advantages of smart contract wallets. “

“Pillar? native SDK, Etherspot, enhances the multichain aspect of the smart wallet V2, making the whole experience seamless for users “, says Ademović. “More developers can take advantage of the technology for wider adoption in the DeFi space. “

Pillar partner, Network of ramps will make in-app purchases fiat possible on EVM chains, reducing purchase commissions of 80 percent. Additionally, data-driven analytics will be provided by partner Novum Insights, a market based intelligence company in London.

Coming this week on June 30 at 6 pm, the Pillar team is holding a webinar launch event.

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