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The plan for the great conflict.. France prepares to conduct the largest military exercises

France plans to hold its largest military exercise involving 12,000 troops, including NATO forces, in the first half of next year, a Joint Chiefs commander announced on Tuesday. of Staff.

dispute against a state

The exercises will focus on waging a major conflict against an unspecified foreign country, according to Yves Metair, commander of the Joint Chiefs’ troop deployment unit of French staff.

The exercises will take place in the wake of the Russian war in Ukraine erupted in February of quest’year.

“The geopolitical context justifies these exercises,” Metayer said, but added that the plan was in preparation since 2020 and followed up on a French strategic review published in 2017.

He explained that the review indicated “the need to prepare for a major conflict” after nearly two decades of unequal wars, most of which are with groups, not countries.

NATO countries

He added that the exercises, which he dubbed “Orion”, would include European countries in NATO, namely Germany, Britain, Belgium, Italy and Spain, as well as the United States.

Between late February and early May, 7,000 servicemen will take part in exercises that include naval operations in the Mediterranean, an amphibious operation and an airlift in southern France.

enter in a state

This phase will simulate an intervention in a country undermined by militia activities and close to a powerful nuclear state fueling unrest.

From mid-April to early May, the soldiers will take part in a simulated ground and air conflict with the powerful country, which involves the deployment of up to 12,000 troops in northern France.

Orion will include land, sea, air and space components as well as electronic warfare and civilian operations such as first aid and transport, according to Metayer.

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