The plane took off and a collision between two pilots in cockpit

Air France arrested two pilots after a fight in the cockpit during an Airbus flight between Geneva and Paris.

A dispute between the pilot and his co-pilot has turned in a physical tangle shortly after the plane took off, according to Bloomberg News, citing local newspaper La Tribune. According to reports from “La Tribune”, the cabin members heard noises in cockpit and intervened to resolve the dispute between the pilot and his assistant on the flight that occurred in June and revealed only on Saturday, according to a confirmed spokesperson for Air France. The spokesperson added that the incident was resolved quickly and the flight continued normally, noting that the pilots are in waiting for a decision from management in about their “completely improper behavior”.

The Civil Aviation Office said it was not informed of the incident; Because there were no consequences for the flight, which landed safely in Paris. The disclosure of the pilots’ physical altercation comes in the wake of a report released Tuesday by the French Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority, which concluded that there were a number of errors in the French arm of “France-KLM” , including the “changes and even violations” of procedures that have led to the narrowing of safety margins. In return, the company responded to tale report by committing to conduct a security audit and improve analysis post-flight.