The PlanetSide Arena shuts down after a short, restless life

Well, it didn’t take long.

PlanetSide Arena, the multiplayer shooter spinoff of Daybreak Game Company’s PlanetSide franchise, will close next month. It follows a year in which the game was postponed to the start date, Daybreak reimbursed all pre-orders and it finally delivered in Steam Early Access.

The PlanetSide Arena servers will be shut down on January 10, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME. “We are actively working with Steam to ensure that all players who made purchases during Early Access automatically receive a full refund of their Steam Wallet after shutting down the servers in January,” said Andy Sites, executive producer of the Planetside- Franchise.

“While our team embarked on an ambitious vision for a game that combined PlanetSide ‘s massive struggle and camaraderie through a diverse collection of new game modes,” he added, “after several months in Early Access, it became clear that because of the It’s impossible to sustain the gaming experience we’re planning to have. ”

According to SteamSpy, 1,481 players were simultaneously registered in the PlanetSide Arena at the start of the game on September 18, 2019 (peak). However, that number declined sharply over the next two months, peaking at 55 on November 17. The last 24 hours were 12.

In a preview last year (almost a year ago actually), Daybreak advertised a 64-square-kilometer map (in scale) and PlanetSide’s reputation for great engagements, including a battle in PlanetSide 2 in 2015 that set a record 1,158 combatants , PlanetSide Arena was designed with a 250 vs 250 death match in mind. Most recently, 500 or more players signed up on September 24.

With yesterday’s announcement, Daybreak removed all DLCs and virtual currencies from the game’s sale. Players with existing virtual currency can spend it until the servers are turned off in January. Refunds will be issued after the closure, Daybreak said.

Originally scheduled for launch in January 2019, Daybreak instead announced earlier this month that the PlanetSide Arena had been postponed to March due to “major functional and core system improvements” needed together with a version for PlayStation 4 this summer. It was originally released in Pre-order bundles sold for $ 19.98 and $ 39.97. These were reimbursed in February.

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