The player who has scored the most goals after reaching 36, a new one record awaits Ronaldo in the English Premier League

LONDON: The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo will have the opportunity to add a new one record to his group after returning to the club Manchester United Englishman. No player over the age of 36 has scored more goals in Premier League of the 32 goals scored by Teddy Sheringham, and only four are the players who have scored as many goals as Teddy Sheringham. Double-digit goals. Here, the British news agency “B. Verse. Media “reported on these players. Teddy Shringham has scored (32 goals for Tottenham, Portsmouth, West Ham). Sheringham is one of the greatest players and scorers of the Premier League era, having played at the highest level until the age of As for the age group Ronaldo occupies, Sheringham is unique: Sheringham reached his 36th year in the 2001/2002 season, and celebrated his goal in the north London derby against Arsenal before add more goals against West Ham and Leicester, and also scored against Leeds on his final matchday. He is 35. He scored more than 12 goals for Tottenham the following season and nine goals for Portsmouth in 2003/2004, before closing the his career in English Premier League scoring 8 goals in two seasons with the Hammers, not Ferdinand (15 goals for West Ham, Leicester and Bolton). Perhaps the most remembered period are his spells with Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle and Tottenham, Ferdinand leaving the last team just six weeks after turning 36. Ferdinand scored 12 goals in an exciting season with Leicester City, accounting for the majority of his goals in this Age, where he scored two goals in two and a half seasons spent with West Ham and scored a goal with Bolton.Gianfranco Zola (14 goals with Chelsea) was the Italian forward’s best season with Chelsea after reaching the age of 36 on the eve of the 2002/2003 season. His 14 goals included two goals at Manchester City and in the match his side won over Blackburn 3/2, which saw Chelsea return twice in the result, while he scored two goals against Shrewsbury in FA Cup, bringing his tally to 16. goals in all competitions, before returning in home to play with Cagliari Gary Speed ​​(13 goals with Bolton) The Welsh footballer occupies the sixth place for number of participations in the English Premier League, having participated in 535 games and scored 80 goals with the clubs of Leeds, Everton , Newcastle and Bolton – Just over a sixth of those goals arrived Having reached the age of 36, he scored eight goals in the 2006/2007 season to help Bolton finish the championship in seventh place. The best of what remains Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs scored in his own prime 21 seasons in the English Premier League, including four goals aged 35 or over. Giggs has scored 9 goals after this age and Peter Crouch has equaled him in his brilliant years with Stoke City. Only 54 players have scored in the English Premier League after their 36th year, with a total of 217 goals, such as John Wark, Gareth McCauley and Graham Alexander scored seven goals while each scored Da Gordon Strachan and Frank Lampard, six goals.There is also Peter Schmeichel, the Manchester United goalkeeper, who scored a goal in the English Premier League, who scored for l ‘Aston Villa v Jefferton in 2001, one month before he turned 38. (Dpa)

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