The points of collaboration flew between the mistakes of Contra and its players

Al-Ittihad failed to continue the victories, and his lead in league was rocked by a draw with Al-Taawoun in home and among his fans in Jeddah, in the largest audience attendance of league games so far, regardless of the numbers announced, and the league’s dean’s advantage was threatened by the postponement of the match Al-Hilal vs Al-Fayhaa. the first will pass in advantage .. Al-Ittihad lost to a draw against Al-Taawon in light of the mistakes of the players and the coach. Dean players did not take opportunities seriously, so Fahd Al-Mawlid wasted one chance after another, including lonely ones, as well as the selfishness that overshadowed the performance.

In addition, the coach Cosmin Contra spread the cards of his team with bad decisions on his part and forced decisions in other moments represented by injuries. The exit of Al-Aboud was mandatory and at the request of the player after bruises and feeling of stress, but Contra was not successful in choosing the alternative, as Kamara was not the appropriate choice, as he is not good at playing in periphery, and this position is not commensurate with his abilities, as well as his coldness in performance, and it would have been better for the technician to entrust the services of Cornado to the left wing or Romarinho and insert Niakati in the center of the spearhead, and how much he reports on criticism for not killing Fahd Al-Mawlid, who did not provide what would accompany him to stay 90 minutes, the absence of the two sides represented by Abdulaziz Al-Bishi’s injury and his lack of participation and departure of Al-Aboud forced Contra to keep Fahd as the party’s sole protagonist.

Contra, in short, was unable to manage the situation in the second half due to errors he endures and other circumstances that he cannot bear because he is forced.

As for Contra’s speech in press conference, the changes of coach Taawon have changed the scales and limited his options.This speech counts on Contra, just as Gomez has the cards for the changes, you had other cards, and the changes of cooperation do not justify the withdrawal of the union .

The brigadier general’s masses grudgingly accepted the bond, provided he took advantage of the lesson of cooperation, and according to the logic of the popular proverb, “Lord is harmful … useful.”

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