The pope treats disabled boy with humanity

a boy of about 10 years old with a mental handicap stole the show in Pope Francis’ weekly newspaper general public on Wednesday in the Vatican auditorium. In front of an audience of thousands ran the boy past safety and on the podium while priests gave prayers and introductory speeches.

The boy, later identified as Paolo, Jr., greeted the Pope by shaking his hand and when it was… clear that he didn’t intend of leaving, the Pope asked Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, de head of protocolto let the boy borrow his chair.

The boy’s activity on the stage was clearly a break of Vatican protocol but Pope Francis didn’t seem like one last to have one bit. He looked at the child with a feeling of joy and wasn’t even disturbed when he repeatedly gestured that he wanted to remove his skull cap.

Pope Francis’ skull cap of zucchetto as it is called in Italian, is a symbol of his rank in the Catholic Church. The Pope is the only church official allowed to wear a white zucchini.

The zucchini has been a Catholic tradition since about the 13th century. capes with felling went out of style, so that the clergy wore the small hats to keep their shaven heads warm.

Monasteries used to oblige men shaved the crown of their heads, based on the writings of Paul. “Don’t nature you yourselves learn that if a man has long hair, it is humiliating to him” (1 Corinthians 11:14).

A church official brought out a white skull cap for the boy and then he happily returned to his seat as he received a round of applause from the Vatican crowd.

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Boy steals scene at papal audience by wanting Francis’ skull cap

At the end of his address, Francis noted: on the incident by the “spontaneity and freedom” of children. He praised the boy for to be ability to “get close and” move around like he’s with homeand said the believers should feel the same freedom to draw close to God without fear.

He also asked God for help the boy with his disability.

“I thank this boy for the lesson die he gave everything of us. May the Lord help it in his limitation, as he grows, because what he did came from the heart,” the pope said.

Pope Francis could easily have… young boy removed off the stage for was a disturbance of took him as an insult to his high position as Pope. But instead he took a page out of the good book and welcomed the child in his arms, just like Christ.

“Let the Little One” children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven,” Jesus is quoted as saying in The Bible. It is wonderful to see the Pope as a living example of die words while also be a shining example of how relate to children with disabilities.

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