The Port of Red Dead Redemption: Exploring Joy and Disappointment Surrounding the Remaster

The port of Red Dead Redemption brings joy and disappointment

When netizens had the end of the story about all these rumors around Red Dead Redemption, there were a lot of disappointments, but not only! In the lot, some (notably PS4 and Switch players) were very happy to be able to (re)discover this cult game from Rockstar Games which is now more than thirteen years old, as evidenced by the sales rankings on these two media. As for the disappointment of part of the public, it comes from the fact that they expected, above all, to discover a kind of remake/remaster of Red Dead Redemption and not just a port. There are several reasons why this is not a priority for Rockstar.

To succinctly sum up the state of mind of the New York-based development studio: Rockstar has its sights set on the future. If it gives the impression of running after its past glories with the amazing appearance of a port of Red Dead Redemption, there must be another interpretation. Cooled by feedback on the remastered collection Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, Rockstar has decided not to continue this momentum, even in an attempt to salvage its honor as some might have thought. If there hasn’t been a Red Dead Redemption remaster, it’s partly because of that, but especially because of Grand Theft Auto 6, of course!

GTA 6 privileged to Red Dead Redemption, no offense to nostalgics

Indeed, with an output closer and closer to Grand Theft Auto 6, one can’t imagine Rockstar Games making the decision to divert resources to other projects, even if it means endangering the final version of this highly anticipated sixth installment which is awaited like the messiah. It’s already been months, and we have found clues leading to this revelation of a port at the expense of a remaster. As mentioned by various sources, including Kotaku and one of Rockstar’s most renowned insiders, Tez2, all the resources of the studio are focused on making Grand Theft Auto 6, a title of paramount importance to the studio and which weighs enormously on Rockstar’s shoulders.

Nevertheless, we could have anticipated a remaster of Red Dead Redemption since the studio had considered this possibility at one point in order to keep players occupied until the release of the sixth installment of GTA. However, as mentioned above, two factors came into play to revise the video game strategy of the development studio. Today, this choice seems to be paying off since the release is on the horizon. According to recent reports, the launch of GTA 6 is expected in late 2024 or early 2025: we just have to wait for confirmation from Rockstar Games.

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