The President of Algeria rewards the athletes who have won the Paralympic Games

Algeria: Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune held a ceremony on Thursday in honor of the brilliant athletes of his country at the Paralympic Games, which ended last Sunday in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. Algeria won 4 gold, silver and bronze medals, ranking 29th overall. Tebboune awarded diplomas of honor and economic awards to the 11 brilliant athletes, in as the share of the gold medal was 180 million Algerian cents (14,000 dollars), against approximately 7,000 dollars (90 million cents) for the silver winner and about 4 thousand dollars (48 million cents) for the bronze. And sprinter Jamil Iskandar Osmani benefited from a double reward by winning gold in the 400 meters and silver in the 100 meters. Tebboune underlined, in his interview with athletes, that the state is on the side of athletes, whether they are normal or determined people, stressing that the problem is not in money or skills. It also called them to participate in international preparatory camps and competitions with neighboring countries such as Tunisia and Mauritania, as well as some European countries such as Spain, France and Italy. For his part, the Minister of Youth and Sports Abdel-Razzaq Sabbak offered an official apology “for the behavior towards athletes of great determination”, in reference to the poor reception given to the first delegation returning from Tokyo. In his speech at the awards ceremony, Sebakk stressed that the consideration of Paralympic athletes is preserved and inviolable, stressing that the Algerian state is working to provide all available possibilities to sponsor sports and athletes and provide all conditions for success and that there is no longer a place for complacency and registered indifference. Sebakk revealed that the President of the Republic has ordered the modification of the regulatory text relating to elite and high-level athletes and the parity of prizes awarded to athletes, to compensate for the results recorded in the Olympic and semi-Olympic disciplines. (Dpa)

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