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The President of Israel: I will formally assign Netanyahu to form a government

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog announced on Friday that he will formally instruct Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government.

He said Netanyahu will be tasked Sunday with forming a government, according to AFP.

Herzog began talks with party leaders on the next coalition government on Wednesday after receiving the official results of the November 1 election.

The end of the political stalemate

Interestingly, last week’s elections saw the end of a political stalemate after the fifth election in less than 4 years, with Netanyahu’s Likud party and smaller right-wing parties winning 64 seats in the 120-member Knesset, which gave Netanyahu a strong majority in Parliament and facilitated the formation of the government, according to Reuters.

Netanyahu will have 28 days to consult with his potential partners in the new ruling coalition and his mandate could be extended for another 14 days.

clear victory

Interestingly, in the last four Israeli elections the results have been inconclusive and it was not immediately clear which leader would have the opportunity to form a governing coalition, or if he would succeed in doing so.

But the recent elections brought a clear victory to Netanyahu, who has served as prime minister longer than anyone else. in Israel.

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