The president of the Tunisian Football Association resolves the controversy over the participation of the “Carthage Eagles” in the World Cup in Qatar

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Wadih Al-Jari, president of the Tunisian Football Association, has resolved the dispute over the possibility that the International Football Association (FIFA) would deprive the Tunisian team from participation in the World Cup in Qatar, noting that the “Carthage Eagles” will participate in this international football wedding. The bold told the Qatari channel “Al-Kas”, “The sun’s rays may be hot, but the physicists have been in able to convert them in light rays and positive energy. We will also transform all difficulties in positive energy, through concerted efforts, as our goal today is to honor the Arabs and the African continent, and this is what we aim for by joining all efforts. “World Cup Dialogue Program | Wadih Al-Jari, President of the Tunisian Federation, responds to the possibility of FIFA disrupting Tunisian football activity and ensures that the sun’s rays may be scorching, but we will transform everything in positive / K7U4fKJSEj – Al Kass Channels (@alkasschannel) November 1, 2022 FIFA, in a recent letter to the daring, asked to provide “clarification” on the attempt of the Tunisian authorities to interfere in the affairs of the federation, putting in guard against freezing of team activity e club Tunisians and deprivation of their rights Participation in regional and international tournaments. On the other hand, the bold announced the pursuit of media and officials of the Ministry of Sport, confirming that they have launched a campaign to tarnish his image in front of the Tunisian public opinion. He wrote on his Facebook page: “My goal during the recent period has been to work on everything related to the senior national team and its preparations for the 2022 World Cup. in Qatar and the national team in Egypt, in addition to some activities with various international and regional football structures, ignoring all false accusations and all the rumors that some make, is promoted by those who have such dishonest tasks, because they are ashamed of themselves and stop doing it. “He indicated that he had commissioned one studio legal to file a judicial complaint against “Shukri Hamda, director of legal affairs and official spokesperson for the ministry (due to) every statement and distortion he has made in the past year, and attorney Wafaa Al-Shazly, who falsely claimed to have been the subject of a cable search in a file relating to the seizure of 4 million dollars of dinars from the accounts of the university (the Football Association) and the local newspaper Al-Safir through the text that was published, which by chance reports the same thing that was published by the lawyer Wafaa Al-Shazly.