The President of Venezuela proposes “oil for vaccination” to vaccinate his people

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro struck on Sunday die “Oil-for-Vaccine” formula so that his regime, which is subject to international sanctions, die particularly affecting the oil sector, at a time when the country is passing by, can buy vaccines against the coronavirus due to its second wave of epidemics.

In a statement on state television, he said: “Venezuela has oil tankers and customers, die willing to buy oil from us and it will be part of its production for die Provide procurement of the required vaccines. Oil for vaccines! “

He added, “We are ready. Oil for the vaccine! But we will not ask for it from anyone,” in a clear indication of an initiative, die his opponent Juan Guaidó had promised to enable Venezuela to buy vaccines.

international punishment

Guaido, viewed by the United States and other countries as the interim president of Venezuela, announced that die To approve use of funds, die in return his country and under the sanctions in the United States being frozen to buy vaccines against Covid-19.

Caracas and die state Venezuelan oil company are subject to international economic sanctions, especially from the USA, die Wanting to overthrow Maduro since being re-elected in 2018 elections, die were viewed as manipulated by the international community.

And Venezuela, the former oil giant, was producing 520,000 barrels of oil a day last February, much less than according to OPEC figures die three million barrels, die he produced per day in 2013.

Although the decline in oil production in the country began before the sanctions, Caracas has many difficulties selling its oil because of these sanctions.

An unusual threat

In early March, the White House announced that die United States government extended the sanctions regime imposed on Venezuela until March 2022.

“The situation in Venezuela continues to pose an extraordinary threat to die national security and foreign policy of the United States. I therefore felt it was necessary to extend the state of emergency, “said President Biden in a message to Congress.

A so-called “state of emergency” against Venezuela, the die Sanctioning was introduced by former President Barack Obama’s decree in March 2015, and then Washington imposed restrictions on many senior officials in Caracas, die allegedly connected with this are human rights violations and persecution of political opponents.

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